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DE alias "public broadcast service" ≠ "state media operator" is funded in whole or in part by German government.

"bulletproof media freedom" will replicate DE state "media interference"
• HU state "media interference" is the antithesis of democratic state "media interference"
• state subsidies of any and all "media operator" production costs benefits "political media operators"
• withholding state subsidies from "political media operators" -> "objective information" && "neutral kind of news"

(FCC called: uhhhh hmmmmm ahhhh hahahaha nope, illustrated)

• btw, MFA will define EU antitrust enforcement procedure

Jourová: This law sets the criteria for which will use assessment of concentration of media ownership. I believe, the monopoly KESMA which we see in HU functioning, would not be possible, would not have been possible with such a law.
The market is strongly concentrated in the KESMA Foundation, which, just like state-owned media, serves the government. The foundation owns about 500 national and local media organisations. However, independent media maintain strong positions in other segments of the national market. They include the RTL Klub television network; the daily Népszava; the weekly HGV; and the 24.hu site.
The c-word, Not that one, the other ones.
The government has used the Covid-19 pandemic as a pretext to criminalise dissemination of false information—of which it accuses independent media—and to restrict the independents' access [?] to public information.
von Nahmen: Critics in Hungary are already saying that this proposed legislation conceals threats to freedom of speech. Is the Commission protecting the media by restricting opinions that the Commission doesn't like?
Jourová: This is a fatal misunderstanding. I don't know if I made some mistake in communication, but vice versa. We warned by this law to increase the protection of freedom of speech. That's why I also mentioned the platforms
archived "channel of dirt", this.empowerment
that there should be special treatment for the professional journalists to be able to place their opinions and their news and the digital space....
This MFA pat o' lard is the wrong tool for the job which has nothing to do with either defining or protecting "freedom of expression" inna COVID Trade War crime monkeypox transparent slava ukraini! energy embargo solidarity pandemic.
by Cat on Wed Sep 21st, 2022 at 02:26:56 AM EST
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