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euractiv.com | The European Media Freedom Act, 22 Sep media operator
The Commission has finally released its long-awaited European Media Freedom Act, but it has stirred controversy in a number of directions. Renate Schroeder, Director of the European Federation of Journalists, and Ilias Konteas, Executive Director of EMMA-ENPA, join this week's podcast to discuss its contents and implications.
Politico.eu.com | We're fine as we are, Press tells EU as Brussels plans media freedom law, 16 Sep LOL
... The unprecedented move has press publishers -- which had already tried to kill the law during consultations -- up in arms.

"Media regulators can now interfere with the free press, while publishers are estranged from their own publications," said Ilias Konteas, executive director of the European Magazine Media Association (of which POLITICO's owner Axel Springer is a member) and the European Newspaper Publishers Association....

LSE[!] | The democratic fightback has begun: The European Commission's new European Media Freedom Act, 16 Sep
The European Commission has published a draft European Media Freedom Act (EMFA). If passed, this new law would represent a major shift in EU policy on the media, and a welcome shot in the arm for democracy across the Union. Freed of the Eurosceptic United Kingdom, during a perceived crisis of European democracy, there is widespread support for proposals to support media freedom, and the news media themselves are likely to give them full-throated support.
"The proposed Regulation includes safeguards against political interference in editorial decisions and against surveillance. It puts a focus on the independence and stable funding of public service media as well as on the transparency of media ownership and of the allocation of state advertising" Twitter and Facebook accounts? ooo boy howdy, wutarelief.

EC | 1. Proposal for a Regulation establishing a common framework for media services in the internal market ( European Media Freedom Act)(.pdf), 67 pp
EC | 2. Recommendation - European Media Freedom Act (.pdf), 13 pp

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in the footnotes

de business ideer

The proposal is articulated around four specific [sic] objectives:

• Fostering cross-border activity and investment in media services by harmonising certain elements of the diverging national media pluralism frameworks, in particular to facilitate cross-border service provision. Through coordination at EU level, the proposal aims to ensure that when assessing media market concentrations independent national authorities approach media pluralism and media independence in a consistent manner.

• Increasing regulatory cooperation and convergence through cross-border coordination tools and EU-level opinions and guidelines. This will promote consistent approaches to media pluralism and media independence, and provide effective protection for users of media services from illegal and harmful content, including online and with regard to service providers (including from third countries) [!] not following EU media standards.

• Facilitating provision of quality media services by mitigating the risk of undue public and private interference in editorial freedom. The proposal aims to guarantee that journalists and editors can work without interference, including when it comes to protecting their sources and communications. By fostering editorial independence, it also guarantees better protection for the interests of recipients of media services.

• Ensuring transparent and fair allocation of economic resources in the internal media market by enhancing transparency and fairness in audience measurement and allocation of state advertising. The proposal aims to ensure transparency, non-discrimination, proportionality, objectivity[,] and inclusiveness of audience measurement methodologies, in particular online. It will also ensure transparency, non-discrimination, proportionality[,] and objectivity in allocation of state advertising to media outlets, in order to minimise the risks of the misuse of public funding for partisan interests, to the detriment of other market players. It will thus promote fair competition in the internal media market.

de business plan ...

The legal basis for this proposal is Article 114 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), which provides for the adoption of measures for the approximation of the provisions laid down by law, regulation or administrative action in Member States which have as their object the establishment and functioning of the internal market. ...

and demand for EU "financial support"

The proposal is based on extensive consultation with stakeholders, in the light of the general principles and standards for consultation of interested parties by the Commission.

A call for evidence announcing the initiative was published on 21 December 2021 and was open for feedback until 25 March 2022. A total of 1 473 responses were received 41. A public consultation was open from 10 January to 25 March 2022 and attracted 917 responses 42. ...

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Welt | Zahl der Unzufriedenen wächst rasant - besonders in Ostdeutschland, 23.09
...Zu dem Zeitpunkt waren demnach nur 26 Prozent der Befragten im Osten mit der Arbeit der Bundesregierung zufrieden, im Vergleich zu 42 Prozent im Jahr 2020. Antwortmöglichkeiten waren Abstufungen von sehr, ziemlich oder etwas zufrieden bis zu etwas, ziemlich oder sehr unzufrieden.
Nur noch 43 Prozent der Ost- und 58 Prozent der Westdeutschen seien der Auffassung, ,,dass man seine Meinung immer frei äußern kann, ohne Ärger zu bekommen", im Vergleich zu 50 beziehungsweise 63 Prozent vor zwei Jahren. Wirtschaftlich schließt der Osten nur sehr langsam zum Westen auf, wie es weiter hieß....
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