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(7) For the purposes of this Regulation, the definition of a media service should be limited
to services as defined by the Treaty and therefore should cover any form of economic activity [TEU citation?]. This definition should exclude user-generated content uploaded to an online platform [sic] unless it constitutes a professional activity normally [sic] provided for consideration (be it of financial or of other nature) ["dis|likes"? "up|down votes"? "un|friend"? "rank"?]. It should also exclude purely private correspondence, such as e-mails, as well as all services that do not have the provision of audiovisual or audio programmes or press publications as their principal purpose, meaning where the content is merely incidental to the service and not its principal purpose, such as advertisements or information related to a product or a service provided by websites that do not offer media services [wtaf]. The definition of a media service should cover in particular television or radio broadcasts, on-demand [wut] audiovisual media services, audio podcasts[,] or [paper? digital?] press publications. Corporate communication and distribution of informational or promotional materials for public or private entities should be excluded from the scope of this definition
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by Cat on Fri Sep 23rd, 2022 at 04:01:57 PM EST
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