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(9) The definition of audience measurement should cover measurement systems developed as agreed by industry standards within self-regulatory [!] organisations, like the Joint Industry Committees, and measurement systems developed outside such self[-]regulatory ["engagement"?] approaches. The latter tend to be deployed by certain online players [sic] who self-measure [!] or provide their proprietary [!] audience measurement systems to the market, which do not necessarily abide by the commonly agreed industry standards. Given the significant impact [sic] that such audience measurement systems have on the advertising and media markets, they should be covered by this Regulation.
(10) State advertising should be understood broadly as covering promotional or self[-]promotional activities undertaken by, for[,] or on behalf of a wide range of public authorities or entities, including governments, regulatory authorities[,] or bodies as well as state-owned enterprises or other state-controlled entities [!] in different sectors, at national or regional level, or local governments of territorial entities of more than 1 million inhabitants [wtaf]. However, the definition of state advertising should not include emergency messages by public authorities which are necessary, for example, in cases of natural or sanitary disasters [!], accidents or other sudden incidents that can cause harm to individuals.
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sub Define emergency situations.

by Cat on Fri Sep 23rd, 2022 at 04:24:55 PM EST
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