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Reuters | Musk says he will activate Starlink amid Iran protests, 23 Sep
A U.S. State Department spokesperson later said of Friday's updated license that it was self-executing and that "anyone who meets the criteria outlined in this general license can proceed with their activities without requesting additional permissions."
NY Post | Elon Musk opening up Starlink in Iran , 24 Sep D-2 license
Musk [tweet] replied "Activating Starlink ..." to Secretary of State Antony Blinken tweeting that the US government had taken action to increase internet freedom for Iranians.

(coincidental 25 Sep home streaming, Zero Days (2016)

Al Jazeera | Why Elon Musk's Starlink will not affect protests in Iran, 26 Sep

Citing "security concerns", [IR] authorities have introduced the tightest internet ["cyber"] restrictions across Iran since the November 2019 protests.
a thumb drive
What would Starlink need to work?
In addition to a subscription service [client app], Starlink terminals [any receiver, eg. modem, mobile phone] - hardware that would allow the user to connect [to ICT data transmission?] - are required [nope] to link up.
grey zone law of "cyberwarfare"
It is possible that if Starlink's [NSA] plans do actually move ahead, Iran could turn to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the international communications regulatory body of the United Nations, or other authorities to legally protest the move.

"The issue is that a company probably can't offer services over Iran by violating international regulations. It's possible the Islamic Republic will file a credible complaint against the company and create problems for it," tweeted Jadi, a prominent Iranian developer and tech blogger.

ya think?
Local websites and services have remained online so as not to affect the domestic economy. And some internet providers, especially private companies, have been less affected than others.

But for people using the country's largest [telecom] providers such as MCI [!] and Irancell ["public broadcast service"), using their mobiles [!] and getting the internet at home has become more difficult...

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