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Politico.eu.com | US expected to publish Privacy Shield executive order next week, 27 Sep transparency
As part of the upcoming announcement, the White House declaration is expected to work in conjunction with new U.S. Department of Justice regulations used to oversee American national security agencies, according to Peter Swire, a former Bill Clinton administration chief counselor for privacy and current professor at Georgia Tech, whose work has formed part of the legal basis [US Con., Art.II, §2?] for the leading framework of the new Privacy Shield.
Once made public next week, the executive order will kick off a ratification process by the European Commission, which is expected to take as long as six months [US Senate? never]. The new transatlantic data agreement would therefore be ready around March 2023.
Swire, the former Clinton official, said he expected the U.S. Department of Justice to create an independent court for addressing U.S. national security access to European data.

"Step one is independent adjudication with the Department of Justice, step two is the executive order requiring intelligence agencies [!] to follow the decisions of those judges," Swire said.

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