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My understanding is, you're experienced with computer programing? Let's take a similarly systematic approach to evaluating natural language descriptions of any system—in this exercise, a human enterprise, incorporating people, processes, and things.

What is step 1 of system design?
Define the absolute goal (purpose, objective, output, identity) of the program, ie. do not assume a null hyposthesis, eg. "normal,"  aka harmonized, behaviors attributed to each Single Market sovereign nation-state [LIST].

What is step 2 of system design?
Identify (declare) enterprise requirements necessary to obtain the goal. Define the terms (variable, input) of its expression: (a) functions aka process and (b) variable aka things—independent, dependent, and constant values; value persistence (scope): global, local

Let "crisis" signify undefined problem sets, or barriers, that impair the enterprise goal.

REVIEW press release. APPLY steps 1 and 2.
Case A: The Single Market Emergency Instrument
Case B: European Media Freedom Act

Which announcement specifically describes its system goal?

by Cat on Tue Sep 20th, 2022 at 02:44:40 PM EST
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