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Economic Truth | Zelensky opened trading on the New York Stock Exchange, 6 Mar
President Volodymyr Zelensk* virtually opened stock trading at the New York Stock Exchange and presented the Advantage Ukraine portal with opportunities to invest in the Ukrainian economy. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Economy.
The Advantage Ukraine initiative is aimed at attracting investments to the country. The platform collects investment projects and opportunities in 10 industries such as: defense-industrial complex, metallurgy, energy, agro-complex, woodworking and furniture manufacturing, innovative technologies, logistics and infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, natural resources, industrial production.

Ukraine offers everyone interested a menu of potential opportunities worth more than $400 billion. The portal covers public-private partnerships, privatization and private enterprises. It is noted that the Ukrainian delegation presented an investment plan in Lugano, and currently the list of real projects is increasing and becoming more diverse.
In order to create a safe and transparent environment for attracting business, Ukraine seeks to obtain investment guarantees from the "Big Seven" countries and the EU, and also wants to reform the tax system and is forming a legislative framework.

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Pravda.ua | The Pentagon confirmed the success of Ukraine's counteroffensive in the south
A representative of the US Department of Defense, Brigadier General Pat Ryder, confirmed on Tuesday that Ukrainian forces have regained control over several villages near Kherson.

This is reported by "European Truth" with reference to The Guardian .
According to media reports, the administration of US President Joe Biden has been helping the Ukrainian military prepare for a counter-offensive in the south for the past two months, meeting their specific requests for military assistance.

Ukranews | Ukraine will increase electricity exports to EU to 300 MW during peak hours, 5 Sep
The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity has increased the available capacity for the export of electricity from Ukraine to the European Union
On the first day of delivery on September 5, it will be distributed in the direction of Romania in the amount of 125 MW, and Slovakia - 175 MW in the day and night hours of the auctions for access to interstate crossings. And from September 6 - to both countries equally: 150 MW during the day and evening and 125 MW at night to each country.
archived connecting Ukraine 21 July 2021
As Ukrainian News reported, since the end of June, Ukraine has earned UAH 2 billion [EUR 54,690,849] from exporting electricity to Europe.
Ukranews | Zelenskyy Against Shutdown Of Zaporizh* NPP
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euractiv | euractive | Russian invasion of Ukraine caused over $97 billion in damages - World Bank, Ukrainian.gov, and EC reports

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Bloomberg | President H.E. Volodymyr Zelenskyy rings bell at NYSE to signify Ukraine is open for business, 6 Sep business wire
Ukraine PFTS Index, 1Y-10Y trend
Largest Ukrainian (PFTS) Stocks by Market Cap, a/o 10 Sep 2022
NYSE listed non-US issuers a/o 31 May 2021 (the most recent public data available)
NB: American Depository Receipts (ADR) and American Depository Shares (ADS)
List of Ukraine ADRs Trading on Major US Stock Exchanges & the Over-the-Counter (OTC) Exchange*: background EME directory

The Ukrainian Exchange was formed in 2008 with financial instruments ranging from cash equities to futures and options being traded. Its also worth noting that the Moscow Exchange (MOEX) was the Ukrainian Exchange's main shareholder; but in Q1 2016, Dragon Capital and UNIVER Investment Group bought MOEX's stake.

In addition, the PFTS Ukraine Stock Exchange has been in operation since 1997 and is a member of the International Association of CIS Exchanges and correspondent member of the World Federation of Exchanges.

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Ukraine Today | The "Advantage Ukraine" project, 26 Aug

Reuters | Ukraine's Zelenskiy 'rings' NYSE bell, seeks $400 bln in foreign investment, 6 Sep

The Hill | Zelensk* pitches investors on Ukraine while virtually ringing NYSE bell, 6 Sep

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