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Liz Truss meeting with Irish taoiseach Micheál Martin raises hopes Brexit talks with EU will resume

Negotiations between London and Brussels were paused in February because of the outbreak of war in Ukraine but have yet to be resumed, amid escalating opposition to the protocol among unionist parties in Northern Ireland.

  • EU says Northern Ireland trade talks with UK must conclude by end of February | FT - Jan. 20, 2022 |
  • It is thought Truss and Martin discussed the importance of the wider relations between the two countries and the importance of unity in the face of global challenges, including the energy crisis.

    The meeting between the two leaders came just days after the Irish foreign minister, Simon Coveney, expressed "cautious optimism that we will see in a few weeks' time the opening of an honest effort to try to settle some of these issues that have been outstanding for far too long".

    Commission launches infringement proceedings against the UK for breaking international law and provides further details on possible solutions to facilitate the movement of goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland | EC Europe |

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    UK government set to pitch extension of `grace periods' rather than triggering Article 16 | Politico - Sept. 13, 2022 |

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    Joe Biden London cancels meeting Liz Truss in London #Elizabeth #burial

    ... or the other way around?

    UK Prime Minister Liz Truss cancels pre-funeral meeting with Joe Biden | NY Post |

    Truss-Biden meeting postponed to Wednesday | Politico |

    No reason was given for the postponement of what will be the leaders' first meeting since Truss won the Conservative leadership contest and became prime minister. It will be a "full bilateral meeting," according to the U.K. statement.

    Biden is among the many leaders heading to London ahead of Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral on Monday. Truss is still slated to meet on Sunday with Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Polish President Andrzej Duda.

    Liz Truss's first big diplomatic meeting with Biden postponed | The Guardian |

    Biden and Truss will find plenty of common ground in pursuing a tough line on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine and on containing Chinese expansionism. But policy on Northern Ireland is a major irritant in the US-UK relationship.

    At UN, Biden, Truss seek to smooth over N Ireland divide | AP News |

    At the end of the 75-minute meeting, Truss' office said "the prime minister and President Biden both agreed that the priority must be protecting the Good Friday Agreement and preserving the gains of peace in Northern Ireland."

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