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"thinking in systems is hard for most of us"
as is metacognition, synergy, and quantum mechanics — intangible universe of the planet we inhabit that has evaded human control and mastery for eons. The language of this integral antagonism—including but not limited to "climate" changes—exposes divergent knowledge domains, totalizing habits, possibilites, and enterprise goals as well as problem recognition ascribed by "global leaders" to "humanity" that are so abstract as to be useless in practice.

'Systematic' or 'Systemic'?
systemic, syn. pervasive

Systemic is somewhat more formal [nope], and it is primarily used to describe what relates to an entire system, be that system physical, organizational, or societal. A systemic disease affects the entire body or organism; systemic changes to an organization impact the entire organization; and a systemic problem in a society pervades the entire society.
systematic, syn. methodical
Systematic is the more common of the pair. [nope] In current English, it is most often used to describe something [sic] that uses or applies a careful system or method, or that is done according to a system.
system, n.

So. What are the parts of an "energy system"? Are there more than one? And who are those people who design system components that work together to produce such systems' expected result? AFAICT, the desired result among "experts" has not deviated over 40 years of "study" from sustainable (read: constant) mechanical waste product. Among people given power by "global leaders" to pronounce systemic description rather than prescribe systematic elimination of human waste, it appears to me that Germans' radical if deceitful approach to experimental, ahem, energy systems' synergy fills the breach between theory and design. Am I mistaken to expect "global leaders" to learn from this interlude how to gracefully degrade industrial precepts of universal prosperity?

archived classification and its consequences

by Cat on Mon Sep 5th, 2022 at 04:51:46 PM EST

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