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Not so long ago contestants from Belgium took part .. and won quite handily. 😄

Another tv show Groot Dictee [dictation] was on every year for both Dutch and Flemish contestants ... the Dutch were wiped out.

The sliding level of education is a process of at least 30 years ... a new coalition always campaigned for renewal of the middle school  and banned vocational training (politicizing education?).

Today I was in Leiden for a haircut by a famous student barber (in the past freshmen were shaven bald undergoing hazing). In grammar school I rode the bicycle 8 miles to my school at the Rapenburg in Leiden , across from the University Academy building. A few houses from student home of Soldier of Orange during the German occupation.

Minister wants an end to humiliating hazing

The bald young students wore caps to hide their humiliating baldness ... we loved to use small sticks to flip their caps off as we ran by on the Pietersplein ... centrum of Leiden with so many centuries of history. Travel starting point of the Pilgrim Fathers I wrote about ... medicine - Boerhave ... astrology, mathematics, physics and of course Albert Einstein with colleagues.

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