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profit motive per capita is dead.
Habeck wants to redefine the prosperity of Germans, 13 as ECB MULLS another interest rate hike
The picture that emerges from the ministry's data is mixed: after many years of upswing [read: trade surplus], Germany is doing well in the past decade, but prosperity is unequally distributed, economic momentum [read: perpetual "growth"] is low, and the goals for the energy transition are still a long way off .

Greens want to anchor sustainable [read: constant] thinking in economic activity

The annual prosperity report of the Greens was already presented during the opposition period and demands that in addition to material prosperity other factors such as [figurative] ecology, the social Situation® and the level of political participation [read: "politicization"] should be taken into account when assessing economic growth. With the assumption of government, Habeck would like to anchor this idea in everyday political life [read: "political participation"]. The problem, however, is that Germany still lacks sufficient data for a comprehensive picture. For years, German economists have lacked suitable data to draw a complete picture.

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