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Warmongers will explain Lambrecht has been a disaster ... incompetence to phony reasons why she had to go after one year of traffic light coalition.

German defense chief reportedly set to quit ahead of key Ukraine tank decision | Politico |

Lambrecht's leadership style has come under fire, especially for failing to implement an increase in military spending pledged by Chancellor Scholz.

Germany's controversial Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht is reportedly set to step down as early as Monday, suffering the consequences from a series of blunders that hurt her credibility and increasingly weighed on Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his declared sea-change in German defense policy.

The news of Lambrecht's expected resignation -- which, more than 18 hours after a first report by German media outlet Bild ~~"Pannen-Ministerin will hinschmeißen"-- , has been neither officially denied nor confirmed -- plunges Scholz's government into uncertainty less than a week ahead of a crucial meeting of Western defense officials.

The news comes amid growing international pressure to support Ukraine with German-made Leopard battle tanks. The U.K. on Saturday agreed to send next-generation Challenger tanks to the Ukrainian battlefield. 

Germany's defense chief to resign amid PR disaster: Reports | Politico |

Many, many European "commanders" have left the political battlefield in a year full of disastrous decisions creating a deeper quagmire ...  Boris Johnson - Liz Truss - Mario Draghi - Prime Ministers of Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic come to mind. In France and Italy a new cabinet and in Rutte IV the top ministers of Finance and Defense swapped positions.

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