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Working on a long diary on human rights and blowback.

The Dutch as other NATO countries supported the many factions of jihadists and foreign terrorist ... Israel gave support to al-Nusra terror on the Golan Heights border with Syria.

Investigative reports by the Dutch newspaper Trouw and TV program Nieuwsuur in 2018 revealed the Dutch government had supported rebel groups despite knowledge of human rights violations

Dutch Gov't Admits Support for Salafist Jihadists in Syria | @BooMan - Sept. 12, 2018 |

Palestinian refugee camp Yarmouk lies on the south side of Damascus and was invaded from the terror drive from Jordan and the early district of Dara'a participating in the revolt. The US and UK had training camps inside Jordan.

Palestinians welcomed the Al Nusra terror group until the Islamic state penetrated from Iraq and occupied the Southern oil fields. After Russian intervention from 2015 forward, the human tragedy and deaths were limited. From areas where the Syrian Army moved back in, the Islamic fighters were transported into Idlib which was fenced off by Turkish and Russian forces.

US Using Bombs In Syria as Iran Closes Deal through Diplomacy | Apr 15, 2017 |

Other parts of the deal -- still not mentioned in the media -- include transporting militants in the Palestinian Yarmouk Camp and Boukein, also in the capital's countryside.

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