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Very well said, by a former NATo military guy

Ukraine conflict: "Now would be the right time to resume the broken negotiations"
"Arms deliveries mean pointlessly prolonging the war"

Interview with retired General Harald Kujat*.

* Current Affairs in Focus What value do you give to the coverage of Ukraine in our mainstream media ?

Retired General Harald Kujat The Ukrainian war is not only a military conflict; it is also an economic and an information war. In this information war, one can become a participant in the war if one adopts information and arguments that one can neither verify nor judge on the basis of one's own competence. In some cases, motives that are understood as moral or ideological also play a role.

This is particularly problematic in Germany because the media mainly feature "experts" who have no knowledge or experience of security policy and strategy and therefore express opinions that they draw from publications by other "experts" with comparable expertise. Obviously, this also builds up political pressure on the German government. The debate about the delivery of certain weapons systems shows abundantly clearly the intention of many media outlets to play politics themselves. It may be that my unease about this development is a consequence of my many years of service in NATO, including as chairman of the NATO-Russia Council and the NATO-Ukraine Commission of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

I find it particularly galling that so little attention is being paid to German security interests and the dangers to our country from an expansion and escalation of the war. This shows a lack of sense of responsibility or, to use an old-fashioned term, a highly unpatriotic attitude. In the United States, one of the two main players in this conflict, the approach to the Ukraine war is much more nuanced and controversial, but nonetheless always guided by national interests.

They spoke out in early 2022, when the situation on the border with Ukraine was becoming increasingly acute, to the then Inspector General of the Navy, Vice General Kai-Achim Schönbach, and in a sense backed him. He issued an urgent warning against escalation with Russia and reproached the West for humiliating Putin and that it was necessary to negotiate with him on an equal footing.

I did not speak out on the matter, but to defend him from unqualified attacks. However, I have always believed that this war must be prevented and that it could have been prevented. I also spoke out publicly on this in December 2021. And at the beginning of January 2022, I published proposals on how a result acceptable to all sides could be achieved in negotiations that would avoid war after all. Unfortunately, things turned out differently.


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