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German Navy Chief Resigns After Saying Ukraine Won't Get Crimea Back And Putin 'Probably' Deserves Respect | Forbes - Jan. 24, 2021 |

Germany's top naval officer stepped down following comments he made about Russia, including a call to show respect to Russian President Vladimir Putin and claiming Ukraine would never win Crimea back from Russia.

  • Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schönbach apologized for his "rash" comments and said they were a mistake in a tweet, and added in a statement to multiple news outlets his "position is increasingly burdened by the ill-advised comments on security and military policy."
  • Schönbach asked German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht to relieve him of his duties effective immediately, which he said she did, according to the statement.
  • Schoenbach's comments drew criticism from the German and Ukrainian governments after a video recording of him speaking at an event in India surfaced earlier this week.

It is the decision of the Bundeskanzler im Krieg to deliver Leopard 2 tanks for the war in Ukraine starting in 2024 ... ein Wechsel des Oberbefehlshabers zu Auftragsverwalter.

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