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The OSCE in Europe fact-finding mission returned to Moscow from Grozny on 30 January, the Los Angeles Times reported. Delegation member Audrey Glover said she had never seen anything as horrific as the consequences of the Russian attack on the Chechen capital, the Czech daily Lidove noviny reported. "It is only possible to compare Grozny to the state Dresden was in after the Second World War," she said. Delegation head Istvan Gyarmati specifically condemned Russian bombing of Chechen cities, which have killed thousands of people. However, he found no evidence that Russian soldiers are torturing and summarily executing Chechen prisoners. Gyarmati said both the warring sides had agreed to allow representatives of the ICRC to visit their prisoners of war. This was the first international mission to Chechnya during the seven-week war, and its conclusions were at odds with Moscow's official version of events.

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