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tabloid Sun Mirror | SUB STANDARD Nuclear security alert after botched attempt to fix Trident submarine with super glue, 30 Jan GRAPHIC WARNING
The bodged repairs to vital cooling pipes were only discovered when one bolt fell off during checks aboard the 16,000-ton HMS Vanguard.
Defence Secretary Ben Wallace demanded a meeting and "assurances about future work" after The Sun raised the alarm. A Navy source said [Wallace] was furious Babcock, one of the UK's biggest defence contractors, failed to come clean with the Navy.
(American) legion.org | Why Ukraine's 'MacGyver' military is winning, 15 Dec 2022 "meme"
...Now, compare the reactions of Russians being coerced into a war of aggression with the reactions of Ukrainians. In the former, those who have the means are fleeing, and those without the means are hiding, shooting themselves to avoid combat, refusing to fight, and killing their commanding officers. In the latter, a people's army of shopkeepers and artists, young women and old men, students and soldiers, farmers and techies are rushing to the fight, picking up weapons, and crafting their own makeshift weapons to defend their country and cause. From Kiev during those crucial first days of the war, to Kharkiv this past summer, to Kherson today and into Crimea tomorrow, they are winning the war Putin began....
sofrep | Combat Sandbox: Ukraine's 'MacGyver Army' Tests Western Weaponry "meme", 11 Jan instance
MacGyver (2016-2021) secret agent
MacGyver (1985-1992) secret agent
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