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Received Wisdom? How the Ideology of Netanyahu's Late Father Influenced the Son | May 2012 |

A historian of Jews in medieval Spain, the elder Netanyahu spent most of his academic career in the United States--supposedly because his political views were out of fashion among the leftist Israeli intelligentsia of the 1950s and '60s. But in recent decades Israeli politics came to be dominated by the Likud, the party founded on the philosophy of Vladimir (Ze'ev) Jabotinksy, the man Benzion Netanyahu went to America to serve as secretary, and whose vision he carried on after Jabotinsky's death.

The ideology called for a "Greater Israel" that stretched across not only the West Bank but even across what is today Jordan,  land regarded as promised to the Jews in the view of Revisionist Zionism, as the movement was known. It was a robust, even militaristic movement that called for an "iron wall" between the newly founded state and the Arabs surrounding it.

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