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The Dutch Prime Minister to "Agenzia Nova": "Meloni and I are the driving force in Europe"

Even the Dutch prime minister reiterated to "Agenzia Nova" the excellent relationship created with Giorgia Meloni, which applies not only to the issue of migrants, but also to other issues. "I am absolutely convinced of that," Rutte said. "We like each other, there is trust".

With the Dutch Prime Minister - said Meloni - "we believe that the next European Council must make concrete progress on the migration issue, and in particular on the central Mediterranean route and on cooperation with African countries". "We had a very concrete and pragmatic approach to the main dossiers under consideration by the European Parliament, added Meloni.

The Dutch premier has defined himself and the Italian prime minister as a "driving force" in the context of the European Union to address issues such as immigration. "Meloni and I are seen as a sort of driving force." The Dutch prime minister then spoke of an "unexpected" agreement, "a common vision" reached within the framework of the European Union.

Disinformation In Abhorrent Dutch Migrant Policy

This is an excellent summary of the issue and still not resolved. Discussion on Dutch news is to abandon international agreements or just disregard them. Take an example to Macron and France ... or Denmark or Italy or the Visegrád Four group setting the stage for new "EU" policy and shredding the Schengen Accords.

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