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Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary  an continue border checks partly based on ethnicity | Sept. 22, 2021 |

The Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary (Koninklijke Marechaussee) may continue with their practice of carrying out border checks partly based on ethnicity. Houthoff is giving pro bono assistance to a coalition of public organisations that aim, through the courts, to force the State to cease this policy that leads to discrimination.

Thijs van Aerde: "This judgment is in nobody's interest. The fight to bring an end to ethnic profiling will continue."

'Historical' ruling: Military police may no longer carry out border checks in which skin color plays a role Cabinet immediately instructed the Military police on Tuesday afternoon to stop all profiling in which ethnicity or race plays a role. This decision follows the court's ruling that skin color may not be taken into account in border controls. The legal team from Houthoff worked pro bono

Dutch appeals court prohibits border police ethnic profiling | San Diego Union Tribune|

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