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The real reason, arguably, was that his neocon clique, closely tied to US oil interests, wanted to confiscate Iraq's hydrocarbons, for profit, and in order to break the power of OPEC.

How did Tony "BP" Blair get involved ... and a half-failed attempt by "Royal Shell" Balkenende with side-kick Jaap de Hoop Scheffer -- beyond any merit later installed as NATO SG -- to enter the theater of war in Iraq. The Dutch were blocked by Parliament to participate militarily in the illegal war.

More important for George-Dick-Donald was the "security" of Israel. Ever since the unexpected fall of the Twin Towers, butcher Ariel Sharon with political agitator  Benjamin Netanyahu used their lobbying influence in Washington DC and PNAC leadership urged the removal of Saddam Hussein. The fate a few million Iraqi civilians were discounted in the White House decision for war. The outlier voice of sanity Dominique de Villepin at the UNSC: "War is always the sanction of failure."

War Programming: The Propaganda Project and the Iraq War


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