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The outgoing coalition, pink/green/red, won 92 seats out of 159, so has a clear majority and mandate.
Probably avec a Green mayor, as they were the only party of the coalition to pick up seats (+2, while the others lost 2 each)

The major change, unmentioned by the DW article, is the wipeout of the right-liberals FDP (12 -> 0).

The only way they get a CDU mayor is if the SPD joined them in coalition (which would be a typical SPD loser move)

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by eurogreen on Mon Feb 13th, 2023 at 03:53:49 PM EST
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The CDU is trying a Trump/Bolsonaro move of claiming to have won the election, which clearly they have not. They won 28% of the vote, hardly a majority. Besides, their campaign was not just an attack on red, red, and green policy, it went into personal smear mode, and additionally some very racist moves. Now, all of a sudden, they complain bitterly that nobody is eager to start negotiations about a coalition with them.
by Katrin on Mon Feb 13th, 2023 at 07:05:03 PM EST
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