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Zelensky addresses participants of National Prayer Breakfast in United States, 2 Feb
We must do everything we can so that next year we will be able to pray with thanks for the obtained salvation from evil - Volodymyr Zelensk*'s address to the participants of the National Prayer Breakfast in the United States
...I am glad that for 70 years this tradition of prayer breakfasts, which was started during the time of President Eisenhower, has been preserved to this time. This is a symbol that despite any, even the worst, circumstances, the best in people still prevails, and prayer continues.

If you recall the Psalms of David, you will pay attention to how often they ask the Lord to hear the prayer...

religionnews | A new vision for the National Prayer Breakfast
Most Americans probably haven't give much thought to how the National Prayer Breakfast came to be or what happens there. If I had to guess, I imagine most believe it to be an anodyne expression of civic religion. In fact, until this year, this annual event at the Washington Hilton was funded and organized by a conservative Protestant advocacy organization variously known as the International Foundation, the Fellowship Foundation or simply "The Family."....
whitehouse | Remarks by President Biden at the National Prayer Breakfast
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