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Macron's briefing a long read with substantial repeats ... tough to agree in the essence of security for Europe when not discussing security of the Russian Federation.

Macron and Xi clearly differ on the path to peace in Europe.

Xi pressures Putin and Russia, assuming Emmanuel pressures NATO and moving US Congress together with leadership in Oval Office. Won't happen anytime soon.

Banned words in press briefing NATO, Quad and Taiwan. Likely Macron is still hurting from Biden's decision on AUKUS, moving the nuclear submarines contract to friendly U.K., outside of the EU. Macron is clearly in a hard place ... Xi expressed faith in Macron as in China patience is a virtue.

France and Germany (also a banned term?) need to step up their business interests in  China and SE Asia ... the U.K. and the Netherlands are bound by the U.S. alliances.

Is there a Q&A session after the statements? This briefing was early in the day as more talks followed. Interesting ... looking for reactions from across the big pond. 😂

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by Oui (Oui) on Fri Apr 7th, 2023 at 11:15:00 AM EST
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Macron's briefing a long read with substantial repeats ...

Yes. This became abundently obvious to me while I trancribed France24's EN language translation of the presidents' remarks. I've yet to read a G7 press account or transcript that accurately represents them. In the body of this post (above), I note—before I had even located an EN "press conference" recording—how Politico's "journalists" editorialized their speeches:"Xi heaved a couple of deep sighs and looked uncomfortable as Macron addressed him directly[,] while apparently ad-libbing on the Ukraine war and about their joint responsibility to uphold peace."

DICTION CORNER ad-lib (improvised text); Mad Libs (arbitrary text)

To which I could not help but to add plausible conditions of Macron's limbic, verbose executive summary of "high-level" consultations with Xi over an extended period of time prior to arrival, annually since Election 2017: coke or jet lag?. Perhaps both.Could it be that M After all, air space over the Russian Federation, now closed to flights TIED to "unfriendly" governments, has added considerable time, expense, and inconvenience to tourists departing the bowels of the Price Cap Coalition for points far east. Could it be that the Kremlin was slow to grant an exmption to Air Élysée? Suffice to say, his oral defense of independent foreign relations was disorganized.

Macron and Xi clearly differ on the path to peace in Europe
That topic is not addressed. What fmprc documents is, Macron and Xi agree to cultive a political settlement of the "Ukraine crisis". Moreover, Xi relates adverse effects of that crisis to developing countries in general, Africa in particular. I have yet to read a G7 press account that mentions this concern.

Banned words
The often repeated demand that Xi condemn Russia, that Xi arranged to meet—if not Macron then some other NATO figurehead—in order to accept an oath of allegiance to persons and a "Strategic Concept" not present simply by evoking "influence" is deranged. Which might explain why von der Leyen raised Taiwan to illustrate EEAS respect for One China sovereignty, then promptly dropped it into her "anti-coercion" bag.

Is there a Q&A session after the statements?
I transcribed F24's EN recording in its entirety. I haven't found another recording including Q&A or recordings of any other sessions. G7 press representations of events appear to agree that FR ministry and corporate representatives comprised Macron's 30- or 50-person entourage. Other than that, I noted in the body of this post (above) that Politico reported one true fact: "the two leaders took no questions from the media".

by Cat on Sat Apr 8th, 2023 at 10:18:36 PM EST
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