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reuters | Taiwan welcomes first official European Parliament delegation, 3 Nov 2021
..."We in Europe are also confronted with interference from authoritarian regimes and we came here to learn from you," added [MEP Raphael] Glucksmann, who is leading the delegation. He described Taiwan as "a laboratory and a hub for the FIGHT against foreign interference and the preservation of democracy"....
Politico.eu.com | EU lawmakers sanctioned by Beijing are due to visit Taiwan, 31 Oct 2022
... Trade, investment and technology are the focus for the delegation, which includes Reinhard Bütikofer, chair of the European Parliament's delegation on relations with China, as well as Sjoerd Sjoerdsma, a Dutch lawmaker. ...Ukrainian parliamentarian Mykola Kniazhytskyi, another member of the group visiting Taipei, sees similarities between his country Donbas and Taiwan....German, Czech, British, Belgian and Kosovan lawmakers also will be on the trip, as Taiwan is keen to pursue parliamentary diplomacy while most Western officials refrain from administration-level visits, out of their "one China" pledges with Beijing.
The EU's foreign policy arm, the European External Action Service [EEAS], recently issued a NEW! internal document calling on member countries to work on "de-escalation and dissuasion" with Beijing, in the hopes of avoiding a Chinese military invasion of Taiwan. Part of the worry stems from the fact that Taiwan accounts for nearly 90 percent of the most advanced microchips supplied to European companies and manufacturers.

U.S. officials, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken, have in recent weeks warned that China is "speeding up" plans for the use of force against Taiwan ....

president.gov.tw | President Tsai meets European Parliament Committee on International Trade delegation, 20 Dec 2022
...At this time, in the face of the global expansion of authoritarianism, Taiwan is willing and able to strengthen cooperation with our democratic partners around the world. That is why, at the beginning of this year, I announced the Taiwan-Europe Connectivity Initiative in the hope that Taiwan and the European Union can further deepen our partnership and jointly create a resilient democratic alliance....
scmp | Amid cooling TIES with Beijing, EU delegations land in Taiwan to talk defence, security, and supply chains, 9 Jan 2023 PROBE
...Led by the heads of their defence committees [!], the German and Lithuanian parliamentary groups visited the island on Monday for stays of four and six days respectively, Taiwan's foreign ministry said in a statement on Monday.
According to the source, the delegates were also expected to visit Hsinchu Science Park, where the world's largest contract chip maker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co [TMSC] is headquartered, to understand supply chain conditions in Taiwan.
[The visiting Lithuanian group] said among the major topics of interest to the group were discussions about the hybrid security threat now faced by Taiwan[,] Europe[,] and Taiwan's all-out-defence programme.....
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