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asia.nikkei | Bangladesh finds way to pay Russia for nuclear plant: with yuan, 17 Mar taka (BDT)

... "Because of the sanctions against Russian banks," [.BD Ministry of Finance Economic Relations Division sec Uttam Kumar] Karmaker said, "we couldn't process payments in U.S. dollars. Russia asked us to settle the payments in their currency, rubles, but that was not feasible. So we both opted for yuan."

Rooppur, when completed, will be capable of generating 2,400 megawatts of power. It is to be a crucial element of Bangladesh's plans to generate more energy and reduce its reliance on coal. The new arrangement, which should help ensure the project moves forward, comes amid growing calls from Global South nations and others to move away from the dollar and reduce the dominance of Western-led financial institutions.

Under the pact, Bangladesh will resolve payments with Russia via a Chinese bank, likely drawing on Dhaka's own reserves of yuan. Russian beneficiaries will receive funds through China's Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS), a yuan-driven alternative to the dollar-dominated SWIFT system....

archived EU starts talks on 11th round of Russia sanctions, China Imports Uranium from Ally Russia, Hungary moves ahead with construction, Russia's Rosatom starts building, Ruble and Yuan and SWIFT, INSTEX, SFPS, and CIPS in Ruble and Rupee, Mon Feb 28th 2022

RT | India's new foreign trade policy aims to smash dollar's hegemony, 14 Apr BJP - G20 hyperbole and carry trade

Though India has been working overtime to push the rupee for its global trade, the realities are far from ideal, as the currency has considerably weakened in the past year. In the case of India-Russia bilateral trade, which has been rapidly growing since the Ukraine conflict started, New Delhi has found a viable alternative.

India [INR] and Russia [RUB] have decided to route goods through third countries such as the UAE, which enjoys healthy ties with both the nations, and also because the emirates' currency—the dirham [AED]— is pegged to the dollar, and as a result, the dirham enjoys global stability. Both nations have come to the understanding that this is the best way to engage in bilateral trade and also avoid trading in rupees, rubles and dollars.

parity watch
BDT:RMB, 1:0.06
BDT:RUB, 1:0.77
BDT:USD, 1:0.009

AED:INR: 1:22.33
AED:RUB, 1:22.29
AED:RMB, 1:1.87
AED:USD, 1:0.27

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gov.br | Brazil signs agreements worth BRL 62.5 billion with China and the UAE - and Lula highlights the country's role on the international stage, 17 Apr
G20 FOR PEACE - Answering journalists' questions on the subject, Lula stated that the nations of the world that do not want war should unite to try to restore peace between Russia and Ukraine. "We rapidly established the G20 to try to save the economy during the 2008 economic crisis. Now another G20 must be created to end the war and establish peace. This is my intention and I think we'll succeed at this great effort. We're meeting a group of people who'd rather talk about peace than war, and I think it'll work out," declared the president.


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gov.br | Joint Communiqué between the Federative Republic of Brazil and the People's Republic of China on the Deepening of their Global Strategic Partnership - Beijing, 14 April 2023
8. Both parties have agreed to continue the fruitful cooperation held between the two countries within the G20 framework. China expressed its support to the Brazilian G20 Presidency, to begin on 1 December 2023, seen as an opportunity to strengthen the priorities of developing countries within the group. Brazil and China share the view that the G20 is the main forum for dialogue and structural cooperation on economic, trade, financial and development issues. Both countries will work for the group to contribute more and more to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.
GT | Yuan settlement with Brazil to boost trade, deepen cooperation: president of BraCham, 10 Apr
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bloomberg | Russian Arms Sales to India Stall on Fears Over US Sanctions, 21 Apr
fishing expedition
India's Ministry of Defense, Ministry of External Affairs, Finance Ministry and the Reserve Bank of India didn't respond to phone calls or emailed requests for comment. The Kremlin and Rosonboronexport, Russia's state arms sale company, also didn't respond to texts and emailed requests for comment.
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