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foreignpolicy | Ukraine's Spring Offensive Is Waiting on Weapons, 20 Apr
...The spring thaw has brought top-of-the-line [!] German Leopard tanks to Ukraine and the promise of U.S.-provided Abrams tanks arriving in their wake. But in the corridors of Kyiv, there is concern that it's too little, too late. U.S. officials will admit—on the record, even—that Abrams tanks are months away from arriving as the Pentagon looks at its stocks to see what it can send. And worse yet, the Leopard tanks arriving from eight different countries fire different [calibre] rounds, meaning that Ukrainians can't buy munitions for their newly tricked-out [34" rims, yo!] ground forces [sic] in bulk. Until the cavalry arrives, Ukraine remains a paper Leopard [!].

Sasha Ustinova, a Ukrainian lawmaker < eyebrow >, told Foreign Policy that the U.S. military delivered far less than what Valeriy Zaluzhny, Ukraine's top general, has asked for from the Pentagon. But U.S. military aid is only coming in dribs and drabs [techTalk!], with the Biden administration nearing the end of funding for weapons left that it can pull off of Pentagon shelves [sic] to give to the Ukrainians. Ustinova said that Ukraine hoped to begin the offensive in April, but the lack of weapons has pushed the launch ["drop"?] date back indefinitely....

archived here it comes... in The cost of doing business with IMF reserve currencies

moar trash talk from Foreign Policy "journalists": China's Space Dream Is a Legal Nightmare
"By building spaceports [?] overseas, Beijing wants to flout the current rules, and write its own."

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