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UN food relief agency 'stands ready' to help EU shift glut of Ukraine grain, 24 Apr plot holes
Martin Frick, [McCain's mouthpiece and US] director of the WFP Global Offices in Brussels and Berlin, told POLITICO.
Romania and Poland lift ban on Ukrainian grain while awaiting EU decision (16.04.23)
Talks to lift bans on tariff-free Ukrainian grain fail, despite new pitch from Brussels (19.04.23)
Officials from the European Commission [EC] met with representatives from five Eastern European countries on Sunday to discuss proposals to address a vast influx of Ukrainian grain and other food products after four of them -- Poland, Hungary, Slovakia[, Romania,] and Bulgaria -- imposed import bans.
archived solidarity lanes' initiative July 2022, "Please take these [agricultural] products to Africa, EC to reconsider EU-Ukraine agri-food trade liberalisation Jan 2023, "Stop the genocide of agriculture" Mar 2023
[10 G7 sanctions pkgs protesting] Russia's invasion of Ukraine and blockade [sic] of its Black Sea ports left Ukrainian grain exports stuck inside the country [NL, PL, LT, SK, BG?], driving up global [US-denominated] prices and pushing countries in the Global South [FKA starving Africans] reliant [?!] on Ukrainian grain toward hunger.
archived U.S. alerts that Russian ships carry stolen Ukrainian grain, no way of verifying these allegations June 2022, increasing the danger of [HOLODOMOR] in Africa Dec 2022
The EU quickly lifted tariffs [on Grain from Uktraine] and set up transit corridors [FKA "solidarity lanes"] through Eastern Europe. As a result, [Ukraine grain exports] imports into these countries have shot up [PRICES PLUNGED!] -- much to the anger of farmers.
"The club of five" has entered the room.
"Shipping grain to some of the world's poorest people is critical in this global food crisis.
archived The global food crisis ends at EU27 borders Feb 2023
We have been transporting grain from Ukraine via the Black Sea and stand ready to work with the European Commission and member states to find solutions," Frick said in emailed comments.
archived November 2022 starving Africans
"WFP's need is significant, and we have the experience to handle the complex logistics in moving large quantities to countries in need," he said.
G7 calls for extension of Black Sea grain deal, 23 Apr
G7 agriculture ministers "recognized the importance" of the deal, following a two-day meeting in Miyazaki, Japan. "We strongly support the extension, full implementation and expansion" of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, they said in a communiqué.
...We recognize the importance of the EU-Ukraine Solidarity Lanes, President Zelensk*'s Grain from Ukraine Initiative and the UN and Türkiye-brokered Black Sea Grain Initiative (BSGI). In this context, we strongly support the extension, full implementation[,] and expansion of BSGI. We condemn Russia's attempts to use food as a means of destabilization and as tool of geopolitical coercion and reiterate our commitment to acting in solidarity and supporting those most affected by Russia's WEAPONIZATION OF FOOD. We will continue to design our restrictive measures sanctions against Russia to shield population in need from unintended consequences by ensuring food and fertilizers are carved out....
archived News to me
But Russia is threatening to walk away from the agreement unless its demands are met,
archived Ukraine Rebuffs Russia's Offer of a 60-Day Extension Mar 2023
portending a return  to the full-scale maritime blockade [FALSE] that halted Ukraine's grain exports [obv. FALSE] in the [12?] months after Moscow's full-scale invasion in February last year. The Kremlin has warned that ship registrations [inspections?] would only continue until May 18.
archived December 2022 price cap mania on the Black Sea
Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Sunday warned on Telegram [23.04.23] that if the G7 moved to ban exports to Russia, Moscow would terminate ["or modify"?] the grain deal. The G7 countries are reportedly considering a near-total ban on exports to Russia.
8 heads of the G7: JP, CA, EU, FR, DE, IT [!], UK, US
+ (NGO) Guest countries : IN (G20), ID (ASEAN), UAE (COP28)
+ Guest orgs (abbrev): UNFCCC, OECD, IEA, IRENA, ERIA, IUCN, WBCSD

April 16-18 G7 Foreign Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Karuizawa, Nagano
• Official document: G7 Foreign Ministers' Communiqué

April 15-16 G7 Climate, Energy and Environment Meetings in Sapporo
Outcome documents: G7 Climate, Energy and Environment Ministers'Communiqué
• Related Outcome Documents (reported by Guest orgs)

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