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ukrinform | China's neutral position on war "important" for Ukraine - official
"Is China a beneficiary of the war? It seems to me that there are many economic beneficiaries of the war, not just China, but it is fundamentally important for us that China does not interfere in this war and continues to take the neutral position it is taking today," Podolyak said. According to him, China is taking advantage of the situation with the closure of European markets for Russia, getting certain benefits off of this. At the same time, the official noted that China is not investing in Russia in terms of military technology or weapons.

"It is important for us that China adheres to this neutral position and does not invest in the war, does not support Russia," the advisor said.
"I would assess the very fact of the conversation as absolutely positive because China has certain reasons to see itself as a much more powerful state than Russia today and to claim the position that Russia used to occupy in the global political environment. And, of course, this is important for us from the point of view that President Zelensky was able to convey principled positions on the nature of the war, on how this war should end. And this was publicly voiced, this position was recorded that there can be no compromise of 'territory in exchange for peace'," Podolyak said.

Try to act surprised. I promise you, Zelensk* isn't the least interested in a ceasefire, Here is Podoliak's considered opinion from 28 Feb in Chinese peace principles for the war in Ukraine, countries which failed to support Ukraine
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