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Iraq, KRG sign deal to restart oil exports through Türkiye
Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al Sudani and Masrour Barzani, prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), announced the deal at a news conference in Baghdad.

"Halting the export of the region's oil harms Iraq's revenues," Sudani said, adding that the governments would work toward passing a federal law detailing the sharing of funds from oil and gas exports.
A formal request has been sent to Türkiye to restart oil flows through an Iraq-Türkiye pipeline and "pumping will resume in the next few hours," a Baghdad government official told Reuters.

TIKA launches 'virtual angiography' unit in Kyrgyz-Turkish hospital
A diagnostic method referred to as "virtual angiography" has been launched at the Kyrgyz-Turkish Friendship State Hospital in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, which was built and equipped by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), as per reports.
Türkiye and Kyrgyzstan have signed over a hundred agreements and protocols for cooperation in areas of politics, economics, culture, science, education and the military. Türkiye provides the most development and social aid to Kyrgyzstan, especially through TIKA.
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[Jeff Flake] skips Erdoğan's dinner after Turkish president slams him

The ambassador's meeting with main opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, who runs against Erdoğan in May 14 elections, angered the Turkish leader.

"Joe Biden spoke, and now you see what his ambassador here does," Erdoğan told an audience during a visit to the Idealists' Club in Istanbul, an affiliate of his Justice and Development Party (AK Party) ally, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP). "He visited (Kılıçdaroğlu). It is a shame. You are an ambassador, and you have to know how to act. You should be engaged with the President (not Kılıçdaroğlu)," he said. "I wonder if he will be ashamed to ask for an appointment at my office. But I tell him now. Our doors are closed to him from now on, because he does not know his place. You should know how an ambassador should act," Erdoğan said.

archived USAID teams, aboard warship in Bosporus
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Exclusive: Saudi-Omani delegation to hold ceasefire talks with Yemen's Houthis in Sanaa, 7 Apr
end[ing] the country's eight-year-old conflict, two sources involved in the talks said.

If an agreement is reached, Yemen's warring parties could announce an agreement before Islam's Eid holiday starting April 20, the sources said. The Saudi and Yemeni governments did not immediately respond to requests for a comment.
It is also a sign that regional rifts are easing after rivals Saudi Arabia [.SA] and Iran [.IR] agreed to restore relations last month after years of hostility and backing opposite sides in Middle Eastern conflicts, including Yemen [.YE].

ya think?
U.N. Special Envoy Hans Grundberg met with senior Omani and Houthi officials in Muscat this week and discussed ways [finally!] to make progress towards an < wipes tears > inclusive Yemeni-led political process, his office said. In an additional sign of progress, the Saudi-led coalition lifted eight-year-old restrictions on blockade of imports headed for Yemen's southern ports, the Saudi-backed government said.
vOLdEmoRT |  Sí, se puede!
Meanwhile, the Lebanon [.LB]-based outlet Al-Mayadeen reported that Riyadh had summoned leaders of the Saudi-backed Yemeni government on Friday, to brief them on the talks with the Houthis. Saudi Defense Minister Khalid bin Salman presented "the solution for a way out of the war on Yemen," the outlet's sources said.

According to Al-Mayadeen, the Saudi plan envisions extending the ceasefire by another year, followed by steps to reopen Yemeni ports. Riyadh is then expected to officially announce the end of the war and its intervention in Yemen.

United Nations rehabilitation
Saudi Arabia and the UN will subsequently sponsor talks between the Houthis and rival Yemeni factions, seeking a two-year transition period to establish a new government, reports have indicated.

The diplomatic breakthrough after eight years of fighting was made possible by last month's agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia to re-establish diplomatic relations, brokered by China.

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almonitor | CIA director visited Saudi Arabia, aired 'frustration' over Iran, Syria thaw, 7 Apr
... Speaking on condition of anonymity, a US official confirmed the trip to Al-Monitor. "Director Burns traveled to Saudi Arabia where he met with intelligence counterparts and country leaders on issues of shared interest," the US official said.

The official did not disclose the exact day of the trip but said that Burns discussed intelligence cooperation, especially in the area of counterterrorism. The CIA director met the country's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday....

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CIA complained US was blindsided by Saudi outreach to Syria and Iran: Report | MEE |

Burns' comments challenge the US's official line that Saudi Arabia kept it informed of its talks with Iran to restore diplomatic relations.

"The Saudis did keep us informed about these talks that they were having, just as we keep them informed on our engagements," White House spokesman John Kirby said last month.

US officials have been quick to point out that they publicly supported dialogue between Iran and Saudi Arabia long before Beijing brokered the rapprochement.

CIA's Burns reaffirmed intelligence cooperation on Saudi Arabia visit - US official

The director reinforced our commitment to intelligence cooperation especially in areas of counterterrorism.

Yeah ... to root out jihadists, Mujahideen, Wahhabism preaching, etc. etc. 😂 😂

'Sapere aude'

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BRICS (2009 FTA): CN, RU, BR, IN, ZA; AR*, DZ*, EG*, ID*, IR*, CM*, ML*, SN*, TH*, UZ*, FJ*, ET*, KZ*, TN*

folha.uol.com.br | Lula Finally Visits China, 12 Apr

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) arrives in China this Wednesday (12) with commercial and financial negotiations still underway with the country of Xi Jinping - they are to meet on Friday [14.04.23], in Beijing.

Earlier, on Thursday, the PT member will attend the inauguration of former president Dilma Rousseff at the BRICS New Development Bank, in Shanghai. Lula wants investment in new productive assets and infrastructure, including railroads and hydroelectric plants, while his Chinese counterpart demands Brazil's formal entry into the Belt and Road Initiative, which completes ten years in September....

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin's Regular Press Conference on April 12, 2023
...PTI: President Lula of Brazil is visiting China. Will there be a discussion on BRICS especially going forward in the future and considering Brazil also is an active partner?
Wang Wenbin: We released a preview on Brazilian President Lula da Silva's visit to China [Global Times 17.03.23, 10.04.23 MOU 2022] and shared with you China's expectations [People's Daily 02.02.23] for the outcomes of the visit. As for the details of President Lula's visit to China, we will issue press releases in due course. Please check back for updates.

China's position on BRICS cooperation is consistent [fmprc BR-CN 2013]. We are ready to work with relevant countries to advance BRICS cooperation on the basis of mutual respect and equality and make our due contribution to world peace and development and solidarity and cooperation among developing countries....

folha.uol.com.br | Lula Is Met by Dilma at The Airport upon Landing in China", 13 Apr
... At the hotel, Lula met with Dilma again. He is taking part in his Workers' Party colleague's inauguration at the head of the New Development Bank (NDB), better known as BRICS Bank, this Thursday (13). Surrounded by reporters and cameras, the former president avoided talking about the bank, promising news for the interview the next day. She praised Shanghai, where she is now living: "It's a very pleasant city, with beautiful landscaping, full of trees, flowers."

Dilma's inauguration ceremony is not Lula's only commitment during his visit to Shanghai. He is also meeting with the CEO of tech giant Huawei and separately with the CEOs of BYD and CCCC. Both the Brazilian president and Janja will have to be tested again for Covid 24 hours before meeting Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Beijing the next day....

riotimesonline | Brazil and China make agreements on trade, technology, and agribusiness, 14 Apr

The two countries' governments will have a work plan for cooperation in electronic certification for products of animal origin. There will also be a protocol on sanitary and quarantine requirements for processed protein from land animals to be exported from Brazil to China.
riotimesonline| Washington Post criticizes Lula's visit to China
...The publication notes the posture of Lula in the first three months of his mandate contrary to the policies of the "West". It pointed out that the Brazilian president refused to condemn the invasion of Ukraine, allowed Iranian warships to dock in Rio de Janeiro, and sent an advisor to meet with representatives of the Venezuelan dictatorship.

('Why not the yuan? Why not the real?' - Lula calls to find an alternative to US Dollar as trade currency)
The text also criticized the economic bloc of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS)....

fmprc | President Xi Jinping Holds Talks with Brazilian President Lula da Silva, 14 Apr
...President Xi noted that for China, 2023 is the first year of fully implementing the guiding principles set forth at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC). The CPC is leading the entire nation in a concerted effort to turn China into a great modern socialist country in all respects and to advance national rejuvenation on all fronts through a Chinese path to modernization. On this new journey, China will pursue high-quality development, accelerate the creation of a new development paradigm and promote high-standard opening-up, This will unlock new opportunities for Brazil and countries around the world....

IMF imperial basket: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY
FT | Brazil's Lula calls for end to dollar trade dominance, 14 Apr, illustrated
... Kicking off his first state visit to China since taking office in January, Lula called for the countries of the so-called Brics group of nations -- which in addition to Brazil and China includes Russia, India and South Africa -- to come up with their own alternative currency for use in trade.

"Every night I ask myself why all countries have to base their trade on the dollar," Lula said in an impassioned speech at the New Development Bank in Shanghai, known as the "Brics bank".

"Why can't we do trade based on our own currencies?" he added, drawing loud applause from the audience of Brazilian and Chinese dignitaries. "Who was it that decided that the dollar was the currency after the disappearance of the gold standard?"

Lula's call to shed dollar dependence dovetailed with Beijing's increasing efforts to promote use of the renminbi [RMB] in settlement of cross-border [read: offshore FX] commodities trades, as Chinese policymakers seek to strengthen the role of the world's second-largest economy in the global financial system.....

euractiv | US, UK, EU officials met with financial firms on Russian sanctions evasion, 13 Apr
The meeting took place on the sidelines of the World Bank [WB] and International Monetary Fund [IMF]spring meetings, where top US intelligence officials shared information on how Russia is using its GRU military intelligence agency and Federal Security Service (FSB) to try to evade sanctions and export controls...."To a person in that room, those financial firms demonstrated a willingness to do what they've been doing since the beginning of the war - which is to take seriously trying to prevent Russian evasion of those sanctions and export controls, not just in our jurisdictions, but also in third countries," the senior official said of Thursday's meeting.

[US] Treasury said participants included Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo; EU Commissioner Mairead McGuinness; and Britain's Treasury Director General for International Finance Lindsey Whyte, along with CIA Deputy Director David Cohen and Deputy Director of National Intelligence Morgan Muir.

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telesur | China-Brazil Relations Key to World Stability and Peace: Xi, 14 Apr
Lula and Xi presided over the signing of 14 agreements, including one to promote commercial transactions between Brazil and China in yuan and "without the need to use dollars." Previously, the Brazilian Presiden also held meetings with Prime Minister Li Qiang, National Assembly President Zhao Leji, and State Grid President Zhang Shingang.

On Thursday, Lula visited a research and development (R&D) center of Huawei, a company that the U.S. has sanctioned for years because it considers it a danger to its national security.

archived Canada Takes A Hostage: Free Meng Wanzhou
"The visit to Huawei is a demonstration that we want to tell the world that we are not prejudiced in our relationship with China", the Brazilian leader pointed out.
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fmprc | President Xi Jinping Holds Talks with Brazilian President Lula da Silva, 14 Apr
...The two presidents also exchanged views on the Ukraine crisis. Both sides agreed that dialogue and negotiation is the only feasible way for settling it and that all efforts that are conducive to its peaceful resolution should be encouraged and supported. They appealed to more countries to play a constructive role for a political settlement of the Ukraine crisis. The two presidents agreed to stay in communication on the issue....
gov.br | Brazil-China Joint Statement on combating climate change, 14 Apr
  1. Developing countries require predictable and adequate support from developed countries, including climate finance at the necessary and commensurable scope, scale and speed, as well as access to technology and markets to ensure and enable their sustainable development. Considering that the implementation of a just transition to a low carbon and climate-resilient economy in developing countries will cost trillions, as presented in the first Report on the determination of the needs of developing countries related to implementing the UNFCCC and its Paris Agreement, we continue to be very concerned that climate finance provided by developed countries continues to fall short of the USD 100 billion per year commitment, as it has every year since the goal was set in 2009, even as the actual amount needed far surpasses that commitment. We urge developed countries to honor their unfulfilled climate finance obligations, and to commit to their new collective quantified goal that goes well beyond the floor of USD 100 billion per year and provide a clear roadmap of doubling adaptation finance. Such provision of means of implementation for developing countries is the climate ambition the world needs in order to strengthen implementation of the UNFCCC and its Paris Agreement.
  2. We are determined to contribute to a successful COP28 with the focus on implementation, in Dubai, later this year. As the main mechanism for promoting implementation and ambition on all aspects of the Paris Agreement under the UNFCCC, the Global Stocktake must be effective in assessing and identifying implementation gaps within the climate regime, whilst prospectively laying the foundations for developed countries taking the lead in emission reduction and fulfilling outstanding gaps in means of implementation for developing countries.
gov.br | Joint Communiqué between the Federative Republic of Brazil and the People's Republic of China on the Deepening of their Global Strategic Partnership - Beijing, 14 April 2023
  1. Both parties have agreed to continue the fruitful cooperation held between the two countries within the G20 framework. China expressed its support to the Brazilian G20 Presidency, to begin on 1 December 2023, seen as an opportunity to strengthen the priorities of developing countries within the group. Brazil and China share the view that the G20 is the main forum for dialogue and structural cooperation on economic, trade, financial and development issues. Both countries will work for the group to contribute more and more to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.
  2. Both parties stated that dialogue and negotiation are the only viable way out of the crisis in Ukraine and that all efforts leading to a peaceful solution to the crisis must be encouraged and supported. Brazil received in a positive way the proposal by China that offers reflections conducive to the search for a peaceful solution to the crisis. China received in a positive way the efforts by Brazil in favour of peace. The parties made an appeal for more countries to play a constructive role in the promotion of a political solution to the crisis in Ukraine. The parties decided to keep in contact on this matter.
gov.br | Brazil signs agreements worth BRL 62.5 billion with China and the UAE - and Lula highlights the country's role on the international stage, 17 Apr
G20 FOR PEACE - Answering journalists' questions on the subject, Lula stated that the nations of the world that do not want war should unite to try to restore peace between Russia and Ukraine. "We rapidly established the G20 to try to save the economy during the 2008 economic crisis. Now another G20 must be created to end the war and establish peace. This is my intention and I think we'll succeed at this great effort. We're meeting a group of people who'd rather talk about peace than war, and I think it'll work out," declared the president.


  1. As hosts of the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) this year, the UAE welcomed the announcement of Brazil's candidacy to host COP30 in 2025. Both countries expressed their willingness to work together to ensure that the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change's multilateral process paves the way for course correction in climate action and ambition. Both parties agreed to sustain a regular dialogue and discussed their respective initiatives to address climate change and drive sustainable development in all nations.
  2. Recognizing the important role that multilateralism can play in addressing global challenges, the two leaders stated their intention to strengthen cooperation in multilateral institutions and international organizations. As non-permanent, elect members of the United Nations Security Council [UNSC] for the 2022-2023 term, both countries agreed to advance fine-tuned communications and consultations on regional and international issues that are of mutual concern within the United Nations Security Council's framework.

    Both parties agreed to pursue cooperation in the context of the United Nations Security Council on shared priority topics such as women, peace and security, promotion of tolerance and coexistence, conflict prevention and peaceful solutions, peacebuilding and peacekeeping—as well as to address issues such as intolerance, hate speech, discrimination and all forms of extremism, and improve the Security Council's working methods and procedures.

    Recognizing that the United Arab Emirates will hold the presidency of the United Nations Security Council in June 2023, and that Brazil will hold the same presidency in October 2023, both pledged to mutually support each other's presidencies. Both parties agreed on the critical role of the UN Peacebuilding Commission and expressed support for its mandate and its bridging role with key UN bodies.
euractiv reuters | Lula calls for 'peace group' to broker Ukraine-Russia deal, 17 Apr
...The Brazilian president told reporters in Abu Dhabi, where he finished a trip to Asia, that he was trying to gather a group of leaders that "prefer to talk about peace rather than war."

He cited Xi and the president of the United Arab Emirates [UAE], Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, both of whom he met this week. Lula had previously said the group should gather countries not "encouraging" war, adding that nations that are supplying weapons should be convinced to stop doing so....

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ignites www diplomatic incident.

Looks like you literally had to be there, in the room, with a recording device, to "trust but verify" another impolitic rant.

Youtube, C-SPAN suppress White House daily briefing video. Google backfills the entire, gaping Lula's China-UAE tour with MSM day-late, dollar-short Lavrov-Vieira reportage. Who'd be the wiser? White House simply stopped publishing briefing and [SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL] preview transcripts after 10 April "Discord Leak".

White House lashes out at Brazil over Ukraine. KIRBY, propounding a oft-repeated, ironic G7 demand that Xi needs "Ukraine's perspective", purportedly said: "in this case, Brazil is parroting Russian and Chinese propaganda without at all looking at the facts."

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Manipulation by White House and Pentagon war propaganda

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is "parroting Russian and Chinese propaganda" by claiming that the West is not interested in ending the fighting in Ukraine, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby has stated.

During his visit to China last week, Lula said that "the US needs to stop encouraging war and start talking about peace. The European Union needs to start talking about peace."

The leftist politician, who made a comeback as Brazilian president after succeeding Jair Bolsonaro in early 2023, also reportedly suggested that the status of Crimea should be up for discussion during the talks between Moscow and Kiev. Lula also offered to become a part of the group mediating a peaceful settlement.

Simple solution, civil servants are discouraged to read Western newspapers and watch US talks shows with members US Congress. A complete 180 degree reverse view and opinion in the developing world. Less stressful too.

'Sapere aude'
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Serguei Lavrov, for almost 20 years at the head of Russian diplomacy, goes to Brasilia on a trip criticized by Western allies.

Putin's Foreign Minister Says Brazil and Russia Have Similar Views | Folha de S.Paulo |

(Brasília) Russian Foreign Minister Serguei Lavrov said during a visit to Brasília, this Monday (17th), that Brazil and Russia have "similar approaches" to current issues. Without mentioning the Ukrainian War, Vladimir Putin's chief of diplomacy received a nod from his Brazilian counterpart, Mauro Vieira, who criticized the application of sanctions against Moscow.

Lula in Abu Dhabi: "Even Kiev wanted war, it is very difficult to achieve peace"

Lula Repeats in Abu Dhabi that Ukraine and Russia Are Responsible for War

'Sapere aude'

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The Sudan Tribune website got a cosmetic face lift including adClick.g.doubleclick advertiser display space since my last visit, Fri Mar 4th, 2022.

So there's that.

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successfull 'copter evacuations (aka forcible deportation) of diplomats
UN warns of lab risk, more [South Sudanese] displacement amid Sudan conflict
Dr. Nima Saeed Abid, the World Health Organization's representative in Sudan, expressed concerns that "one of the fighting parties" -- he did not identify which one -- had seized control of the central public health laboratory in Khartoum and "kicked out all of the technicians."

"That is extremely, extremely dangerous because we have polio isolates in the [BSL-x] lab. We have measles isolates in the lab. We have cholera isolates in the lab," he told a U.N. briefing in Geneva by video call from Port Sudan. "There is a huge biological risk associated with the occupation of the central public health lab in Khartoum by one of the fighting parties."

but no vaccines? m'k
The expulsion of technicians and power cuts in Khartoum mean "it is not possible to properly manage the biological materials that are stored in the lab for medical purposes," WHO said.

The lab is located in central Khartoum, close to flashpoints of the fighting that pits Sudan's military against the Rapid Support Forces, a paramilitary group that grew out of the notorious Janjaweed militias implicated in atrocities in the Darfur [Sudan] conflict.

That's it; end of message. The remainder of the story abuses the status of "refugees" from "insurgent" South Sudan (xstian) ppl in (mooslim, "Arab") Sudan since, like, 1955. Which is what one ought to expect from "journalists" who do not "recognize" the 55th member of the African Union (AU), those attached to "Burma", those who can't identify any other civil war "paramilitary groups," and those who trust G7 "dual-use" conformity with the UN Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on their Destruction, Because®.
archived 8 March 2022 two psychos meet in a hearing, AU55 internal market
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"Absolutely," Blinken emailed back. "I'm just about to land in Tokyo en route back DC from Burma. I'll be in office from Tuesday on. Copying Linda in my office to find a good time. Look forward to seeing you. Tony."
archived Special Economic Measures Act, Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2022
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code is broken.

Color Revolution in Sudan, feat. RSF!
"This is precisely the process that what Victoria Nuland's husband, Robert Kagan, describes as 'tending the jungle on behalf of the garden of democracy' in his 2019 book The Jungle Grows Back."

Look Inside!

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