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War in "leftists" to combat "terrorism" has become sort of policy. In fact that was the underlying motive of Brexit, Frexit, Nexit, Plexit, etc. to get rid of the EU HQ capitol in Brussels, "root of all evil".

Unfortunately, smearing the Left is strategy used by the Israel lobby up to this day while the Jewish religion is very social based as in the era of kibbutz .. see Bernie Sanders.

In the last election for Dutch provinces and senate members, Mark Rutte used the slogan Are going over the Right or the Left. The VVD fell flat on its face and lost.

Policy of Rutte is Tory conservative, in financial Capitol Amsterdam the House prices and cost of living is beyond the means of most. Commoners such as teachers, nurses, police cannot afford the housing. Been policy for two decades ... "free market"  ast,y increasing inequality, austerity for the low incomes. Poverty on the rise and breakfast to be served in schools where parents can't afford three meals a day.

Superfluous wealth is power and corrupts.

Importing suffocating capitalism into Europe ... the EU leaders in Brussels have opened the doors during the membership years of the UK. By leaving left the EU in unbalance favoring "New Europe" that stimulated further aggression by NATO., the only defense arm of Europe. Manipulation and propaganda in terms of Noam Chomsky.

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by Oui (Oui) on Wed Apr 19th, 2023 at 07:40:44 AM EST
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