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Europe's largest nuclear plant starts operating in Finland
Olkiluoto 3
Running Europe's largest nuclear power plant under the barrel of a Russian rifle

Which will capture the 11th EU sanctions package crown (before Paks II or PEJ comes online)?

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Fourth reactor at Georgia nuclear plant completes test phase, 1 May
That means the unit of the Atlanta-based Southern Co. can start loading radioactive fuel into the reactor once it completes construction documentation and gets approval from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Units 3 and 4 at Plant Vogtle are the first new reactors built from scratch in decades in the United States. The first two reactors have been generating electricity at Vogtle for decades. A third and a fourth reactor were approved for construction at Vogtle by the Georgia Public Service Commission in 2009, and the third reactor was supposed to start generating power in 2016.
Georgia Power owns a minority of the two new reactors. The remaining shares are owned by Oglethorpe Power Corp., the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia, and the city of Dalton. Oglethorpe and the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia would sell power to cooperatives and municipal utilities across Georgia, as well in Jacksonville, Florida, and parts of Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.

Georgia Power's 2.7 million customers are already paying part of the financing cost, and state regulators have approved a monthly rate increase of $3.78 a month as soon as the third unit begins generating power. The elected Georgia Public Service Commission will decide later who pays for the remainder of the costs, including the fourth reactor.

by Cat on Wed May 3rd, 2023 at 12:13:48 PM EST
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Zaporizhzhia is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, with six 950 MW reactors for 5700 MW nameplate capacity. It remains to be seen if it will ever reach that capacity again (and in which country).


The Olkiluoto plant consists of two boiling water reactors (BWRs), each with a capacity of 890 MW, and one EPR type reactor (unit 3) with a capacity of 1,600 MW.[1] This makes unit 3 currently the most powerful nuclear power plant unit in Europe

... i.e. it's the headline that's wrong : the EPR is the most powerful nuclear reactor in Europe.
The plant, at 3290 MW for its 3 reactors, is far from being the biggest nuclear power plant in Europe. I have never seen a nuclear reactor called a "nuclear power plant unit" before. Where do they get these journalists.

In France, Gravelines (practically in Belgium), Paluel (in Normandy) and Cattenom (practically in Luxemburg) have a higher nameplate capacity, at 5200 MW, than the Finnish plant. I have worked at all three. Oh, and there a bunch of other French plants at about 3600 MW, most of which I have also been to. So Olkiluoto comes in 11th in Europe.

Given the current problems of corrosion under constraint which have contributed about as much as the Russian gas crisis to the explosion of electricity prices in Europe, one reactor at Cattenom and two at Gravelines are currently under maintenance. But in terms of current production, Cattenom is the top in Europe, at about 3600 MW.

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