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A day ago, I was willing to compliment the readers for a civil discourse on a obviously hot item in today's hostilities on Europe's eastern front of NATO.

I returned today and a complete reversal by bloggers willing to hijack your topic and wandering awayyy from the ranch to attack one another, and groups of ROI and NI. The mood has become hostile similar to what Jerome a Paris experienced on Daily Kos in August 2008 with Saakashvili and the Georgian attack on South Ossetia. Similarly, my blogging @BooMan was made impossible during and after the 2016 presidential election cycle for not blindly supporting HRC and her minions (Neocon CIA intelligence). The dodgy dossier by ex-MI6 agent Steele of Moscow infamy as pivotal moment. Statecraft and manipulation of foreign policy narrative.

For America and NATO one needs blindfolds and "don't tread on me" ... one of the reasons their foreign policy over the last four decades has been a disaster. America and the EU digging the hole deeper as we speak.

One line of comment I read, blaming the "left" as apologists for Russian war crimes, rape, etc. Shaking my head for such a general accusation without merit in an attempt to stifle debate on true arguments. After a few hours of excellent discussion, the hooligans took over. Pitiful.

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by Oui (Oui) on Sat Apr 29th, 2023 at 09:46:19 AM EST
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When we had the pandemic, a lot of bloggers suddenly became amateur epidemiologists. Then we had the Ukraine invasion, and suddenly everyone is a defence analyst and strategist.

I steer away from those discussions, partly because I am no defence analyst,  but mainly because it strikes me a a "boys with toys" narrative. Computer gamers  transposing a virtual reality onto the real, world, which tends to be rather more complex.

I will get back to the main point of the diary in a future post: Joining NATO is not necessary for Ireland either now or in a united Ireland scenario.  Yes, Ireland's defence forces have been somewhat undermanned and resourced. I would prefer that to a macho military posture and culture.

A smart defence posture now would focus on intelligence gathering, cyber-security, drone surveillance  (both aerial and under water), and some limited missile capabilities. Bombers and fighter jets are hideously expensive and old school. The EU needs to take more responsibility for its own security, and rely much less on NATO. The US is losing interest anyway, and can be relied on only for its nuclear deterrence capability.

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