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CIA Man, Former FM Radek Sikorski's Fall from Grace In Poland | Jun 11, 2015 |

Poland's 'Secret Tape' Scandal Goes Surreal, Amid Claim that Minister Ordered Arson Attack on Russian Embassy in Warsaw in November 2013

'We Gave the Americans a Blow Job,' Got Nothing, Says Polish FM Sikorski - Nov. 2013

A Polish 'Game of Tapes' | June 10, 2015 |

Radoslaw Sikorski is the most prominent victim of a government shakeup in the wake of a wire-tapping scandal and electoral troubles. Radoslaw Sikorski has also stepped down as Speaker of the Sejm. (Had badmouthed British PM David Cameron)

Prime minister Ewa Kopacz's chief advisor, Jacek Rostowski, has resigned, as has head of special services Jacek Cichocki - although the latter remains in post as head of the office of the prime minister.

Speaker Sikorski, 3 ministers resign over taping scandal | RT |

Polish businessman Zbigniew Stonoga published more than 2,500 pages of secret documents. He has been reportedly fighting a long-running battle with the authorities. The confidential reports from the investigation included top-secret information concerning the personal details of state security officers, as well as senior officials, including ministers and conversations in restaurants.

The leaked tapes reveal politicians making inappropriate jokes and indiscreet comments about colleagues and foreign leaders. The head of the prime minister's office Jacek Cichocki has called the publication "the biggest leak in history," Inside-Poland.com reported. (website doesn't exist anymore)

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