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WSJ | Brutal Battle for Bakhmut Leaves Russia With an Uncertain Victory, 21 May
While Kyiv disputes Russia's claim of controlling all of Bakhmut, Ukraine's top commander in the region, Col. Gen. Oleksandr Syrskiy, has acknowledged that his forces retain a presence only in an "insignificant" part of the city, even as they push ahead on its flanks....
WSJ | 36 Hours in Bakhmut: One Unit's Desperate Battle to Hold Back the Russians, 25 May
Pvt. Oleksiy Malkovskiy, an unemployed father of three, fired a rocket-propelled grenade for the first time in his life on the front lines of the battle for Bakhmut in February [!]. Russian troops were assaulting one of the apartment blocks that his group of 16 draftees, many of whom had been enlisted days earlier and given no training, had been assigned to defend....
ksf.openukraine.org | LIVE. The 15th Annual Kyiv Security Forum "For Our Freedom And Yours / Fighting for NATO", 25-26 May Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation
Among the participants of the Forum are 2022 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Head of the Center for Civil Liberties Oleksandra MATVIICHUK, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy DANILOV, President of the Coordination Council of Belarus Sviatlana TSIKHANOVSKA, Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO in 1997-2000 General Wesley CLARK, United States Permanent Representative to the OSCE Amb. Michael CARPENTER, Commander of U.S Central Command in 2008-10 General David PETRAEUS, United States Ambassador to Russia in 2011-14 Amb. Michael MCFAUL.
zn.ua | US Deputy Secretary of State named three "fundamental things" on Ukraine's path to NATO and the EU (25.05.23)
Ukraine can become one of the movers of Europe, US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria NULAND said at the Kiev Security Forum, addressing participants online from Washington....US Secretary of State (2005-2009) Condoleezza RICE...Former Australian Prime Minister Anthony ABBOTT... Former British Prime Minister Boris JOHSON... Former Estonian Prime Minister Taavi RIIVAS

Johns Hopkins University (25.05.23)
"surprise commencement speaker" Volodymyr ZELENSK*  awarded with an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree

The Forum partners: Atlantic Council, NATO Information and Documentation Center, National Democratic Institute, Ukrainian Women's Congress, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, "Euro-Atlantic course".
Media partners of the Kyiv Security Forum: Espresso, Hromadske Radio, Censor.net, Gordon, Gazeta.ua, Interfax-Ukraine, Glavkom, Media Center Ukraine, UkraineWorld, Defense Express, ArmyInform, TVA, Ukraine Crisis Media Center
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