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John F. Kennedy, The Jewish Community and Israel: Some Preliminary Observations by Ian J. Bickerton

In April 1960, Chair of Senate Foreign Relations Committee, J. William Fulbright, angrily denounced the introduction of a Senate resolution designed to block aid to Egypt, stating that 'in recent years we have seen the rise of organizations dedicated apparently not to America but to foreign states and groups. The conduct of a foreign policy for America has been seriously compromised by this development'. Such activities, he claimed, would simply fortify the Arabs in their belief that 'in any issue arising from the Arab-Israeli conflict the United States, because of domestic political pressures, will be on the side of the Israelis'.Fulbright expressed his concerns directly to John F. Kennedy in September 1962 when news of the decision to supply Israel with  Hawk surface to air missiles became public.

Hawks vs. Doves: The Story of the First US-Israel Arms Deal

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