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George H.W. Bush vs. Israel | Jewish Press |

Although some argue Bush's foreign policy was a complex mix of support and opposition to Israel's foreign policy, a strong case can be made that the Bush administration was the most hostile to Israel in American history - until Barack Obama indisputably seized the presidential anti-Israel crown.

Perhaps most tellingly, upon his death last month as the oldest ex-president in American history, Bush was hailed by the Palestinian leadership as "the only U.S. president to have the guts to stand up to Israel."

Bush's term in office was marked by four years of relentlessly intense pressure on the Jewish state. He complained about "the power of the Jewish lobby," infamously characterizing himself as "one lonely guy standing up to something like 1,000 [Jewish] lobbyists on the Hill," and condemned AIPAC (the America-Israel Political Action Committee) and he invoked charges of "dual loyalty" against American Jews.

He also harshly criticized Israel's defensive efforts to quell the "First Intifada;" failed to veto nine anti-Israel UN resolutions in the Security Council; vociferously opposed Israeli "settlements," which he called "an obstacle to peace;" essentially forced Israel to refrain from defending itself by retaliating against Saddam Hussein's SCUD missile attacks; and later stated that "East Jerusalem" was not a sovereign part of Israel.

Bush ultimately paid the price for his anti-Israel policies when he was defeated by Bill Clinton in his bid for reelection, in no small part due to Jewish anger; he went from 35 percent of the Jewish vote in 1988 to 11 percent in 1992, and Jewish financial support for his campaign all but evaporated. (Bush himself later attributed his defeat to "the Jewish Lobby.")

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Gaza  Massacre by the Jewish State of Israel | May 16, 2018 |

The great ally for decades of the United States. Only George Herbert Bush with Secretary of State James Baker III and Barack Obama with John Kerry had the courage to follow through on Internationl Law and the UN Security Council resolutions to confront the state of Israel. Both the Republicans and Democrats lost the the next bid for presidency in the election. For President Bush it was more clear-cut due to a sluggish economy and his broken promise of no tax cut than it was for the surprise defeat of Hillary Clinton after wasting an 19 points lead from mid-August.

    Bush's most publicized successes as President came in foreign policy.  In an almost bloodless campaign, he authorized the use of military force to remove Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega from power.  And when in 1990 Saddam Hussein annexed Kuwait as a possible prelude to invading Saudi Arabia, rather than fulfilling Margaret Thatcher's fears that he might "go wobbly", Bush instead put together a domestic and international political and military coalition that drove Hussein out of Kuwait in less than a month of combat and with a minimal loss of American lives.

Removing the Democrats from power became a major goal for PM Netanyahu, Israel lobby groups and to undo the nuclear deal with Iran sealed by the UN Security Council. The US has become itself a pariah state within the global community of nations and spreading terror across te Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

In the next decade, Europe will need to adjust its reliance on the capital infrastructure which has it embeded in Wall Street, trade treaties and the financial banking system. A next step will be to remove the dominant US dollar currency in favor of a basket of foreign valutas. The Brexit should expediate the separation of mainland Europe with the AngloSaxon empire of pure capitalism, warmongering and policy of regime change by force as seen during the last twenty years.

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