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Arab League statement on Yemen 'does not reflect reality': Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, 20 May
The statement comes as US officials are reportedly working to undermine Omani-mediated talks between Saudi Arabia and the Ansarallah resistance movement
Instead of proposing an Arab-led framework for peace, the Jeddah Declaration issued after the Arab League summit affirmed support for a resolution to the conflict based on UN security council resolution 2216, which calls for the Ansarallah movement to disband, give up its heavy weapons, and cede control of the country to the western-backed Yemeni parallel government appointed by Saudi Arabia.
the fireflies in al-Houthi's ear?
[1] The Intercept noted, "[2] Tim Lenderking, the US special envoy for Yemen, has been offering up particularly pessimistic comments on negotiations." ...According to [3] Erik Sperling, executive director of the Just Foreign Policy think tank, "Lenderking has made clear that his primary goal is not ending the war but advancing the US and Israeli anti-Iran crusade in the region. He would prefer the Saudis continue their brutal war and blockade against Yemen, even if it means endangering Saudi security, to a deal that legitimizes Yemen's de facto authorities*. The blood of Yemenis will once again be on US hands if he succeeds in his goal of scuttling the Saudi-Houthi deal [disarmament?] and the war escalates."
* which "defacto authorities", Ansarallah (Grimm-Sperling's assumption) or UAE guest-president Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi or an Arab League appointed transition council? I imagine that Jeddah (a foundational pact) and UNSC resolution complement, rather than contradict, the process of disarming regional conflict. These Anglo-american observers speak more to their exclusion from proceedings than their concerns for ahh equitable political representation agreed by an "Arab-led" convention. Which cannot help but be a more scrupulous arbiter than US diplomats luring Hamas into Palestine's 2006 election.
by Cat on Mon May 22nd, 2023 at 01:45:08 AM EST
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