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Russia issues list of demands it says must be met to lower tensions in Europe | The Guardian - Dec 17, 2021 |

Russia has also demanded that NATO rule out further expansion, including the accession of Ukraine into the alliance, and that it does not hold drills without previous agreement from Russia in Ukraine, eastern Europe, in Caucasus countries such as Georgia or in Central Asia.

Those proposals are likely to be viewed extremely negatively by NATO countries, in particular Poland and the Baltic states. A senior US official said that the Kremlin knows that some parts of its proposals were "unacceptable".

The NATO head, Jens Stoltenberg, has already ruled out any agreements denying Ukraine the right to enter the military alliance, saying it is up to Ukraine and the 30 NATO countries.

Of course the alliance repeatedly state it's up to Ukraine and their decision on negotiations ... or enduring war.

Live news: Xi offers to help Central Asian countries on defence

President Xi Jinping Chairs the Inaugural China-Central Asia Summit and Delivers a Keynote Speech | 6 hrs ago |

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