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politico.eu.com | Zelensk* will make in-person appeal to G7 leaders in Japan, 19 Mar
Zelensk*, who has traveled in recent days to the U.K. and other European nations, will fly to Japan after an appearance in Saudi Arabia at the Arab League Summit. The spate of travel offered Ukraine's president the opportunity to make in-person appeals for additional support and to show that his country, still under attack from Russian forces in the air and on the ground, is stable enough for him to travel abroad.
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"There is more and more circumvention of OUR MASSIVE SANCTIONS. It's quite extraordinary to see tEH trade data and evidence on the ground," [von der Leyen] told fellow [PRICE CAP COALITION]  leaders, according to her spokesperson.

"High tech exports to [sic] third countries, from micro-processors and sensors for Russian cruise missiles to chips in military communications equipment, make their way onwards to Russia and end up in weapons used against Ukraine on the battlefield. We must put a stop to this," added von der Leyen.

arabnews | Arab League summit concludes with Assad and Zelensk* in attendance
• Ukrainian president tells delegates his country in a state of war - not just a conflict
The outgoing chairman of the Arab League has called on the world to bring the Israeli settlement policy to an end and he added: "The Palestinian cause was and still is the central issue of the Arabs."

Ukranian President Volodymyr ["Big Israel"] Zelensk* - who had arrived in Jeddah a short time before - told delegates his country was in a state of war - not just a conflict. He also said he appreciated the Saudi mediation for the release of prisoners of war last year.

Also on Friday, [PUTIN] sent a cable to the Arab League saying his country would continue to provide all possible assistance to settle the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

time | Why Zelensk* Is Attending the Arab League Summit in Saudi Arabia "odd pairing of the two leaders" and Israel's war with Palestinians

Saudi state TV broadcast footage showing Zelensk* arriving at the airport in his trademark brown fatigues and being greeted on the tarmac by Saudi officials. In a tweet, he said he hopes to "enhance bilateral relations [!] and Ukraine's [invisible] ties with the mostly muslim Tatar Arab world." The Ukrainian leader said he would address the summit in Jeddah and discuss the treatment of Muslim Tatars living under Russian occupation in the Crimean peninsula. The visit comes amid a whirlwind of international travel by the Ukrainian leader, but until now he has mostly visited [NATO PRICE CAP] countries.
Saudi Arabia pledged $400 million in [humanitarian] aid to Ukraine earlier this year and has voted in favor of U.N. resolutions calling on Russia to end its invasion and refrain from annexing Ukrainian territory. But it has resisted U.S. pressure to increase oil production [and NOPEC racketeering] in order to squeeze Russia's revenues, and like other Arab states has maintained warm ties with Moscow.
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