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They can't keep their stories straight.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensk* walked back comments Sunday that appeared to confirm earlier Russian claims that its forces captured the city of Bakhmut following months [1 Oct 2022-20 May 2022]  of bloody and intense fighting.
archived 'Is your goal to help Russia?'
...It doesn't matter where the documents are from. The question is with which Ukrainian official did you talk? Because if they say something about our intelligence, that's treason. If they say something about a specific offensive plan of one general or another, this is also treason. That's why I asked you, which Ukrainians are you talking to?...
"I think not," Ukraine's leader said after being asked by a reporter whether Ukraine still controlled the eastern city that has been under siege for eight months. Zelensk* made the comments, while speaking alongside President Joe Biden during an appearance on the final day of the Group of Seven summit in Hiroshima, ["the symbol of peace"].

"For today, Bakhmut is only in our hearts. There is nothing in this place," Zelensk* said. He said the fight had left nothing in Bakhmut but a lot of "dead Russians."

However, Zelensk*'s office later denied that Russia captured the city. It said his comments were a reference to the complete destruction of Bakhmut. It is so far the longest and likely the bloodiest battle of the war. An estimated 20,000-30,000 Russian troops have died fighting there and Ukraine has also suffered heavy losses.

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PUTIN PUPPET!1!! euronewsweekly | Commander-in-chief of Ukrainian Armed Forces said to be in critical condition after being wounded, 20 May according to
the Russian war correspondent Andrei Rudenko on his Telegram channel today, Saturday, May 20....He posted: "Rumors continue to circulate around the sudden disappearance of Valery Zaluzhny, the head of the AFU"
"As a media personality, Zaluzhny was constantly in the lenses of the Ukrainian and Western media. He is second only to Zelenskyy in the intensity of his TV appearances. However, since May 8 no one has seen Zaluzhny. General Naev is present at all the events which require the personal participation of the Commander-in-Chief"
sky | Bakhmut is 'not occupied': Zelenskyy denies claim Russia has taken control of Ukrainian city, 21 May enc. 00:01:08 video clip
The devastation in the besieged eastern city has been likened by the country's leader to that inflicted on Hiroshima following the dropping of the atomic bomb in 1945.
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Too many rumors and speculation about the health of key figures in this war from the beginning .. especially #Joe and #Vlad ... also @MofA on Valery Zaluzhny ... till a fortnight ago I found an interview (dKos) of him ... disinformation?

Appears original date of interview with Maidan press reporter Dmytro Komarov was in December last year!

Related reading earlier this year ...

"If Valera is gone, will we all be here?" In Zaluzhnyi's hometown, people light candles for his health

The expert believes that the disappearance of part of the Ukrainian command from public view may well turn out to be a well-thought-out information operation aimed at deceiving the enemy. The Ukrainian command is trying to hide any real information about the combat effectiveness of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and about the upcoming counteroffensive, which, undoubtedly, will definitely begin.

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Where in the world is Canadian Lt. Gen. Cadieu?
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tabloid USAToday | Biden said Zelensk* gave 'flat assurance' he won't use F-16s in Russia, 21 May
"I have a flat assurance from Zelensk* that they will not, they will not use it to go on and move into Russian geographic territory," Biden said at a press conference in Hiroshima,  ["the symbol of peace"].

Biden told G-7 leaders Friday the U.S. would assist with training Ukrainian pilots on modern fighter aircraft, including American-made F-16s, in a possible signal that Washington is closer to arming Ukraine with the aircraft. Zelensk* met with Biden and other world leaders in Japan on Sunday. Ukraine is expected to mount a counteroffensive < checks calendar > this spring against Russian troops.

"The expectation and hope is that they will be successful," Biden said, though declining to elaborate on details discussed with Zelensk* about the counteroffensive.

reference, 21 May G7 artificial intelligence
Remarks by President Biden in a Press Conference (6:57 P.M. JST)
...Anyway, I was able to cut, by $1.7 billion trillion in the first two years, the deficit that we were -- were accumulating....
< checks time zones >
Remarks by President Biden and President Volodymyr Zelensk* of Ukraine Before Bilateral Meeting
bilateral-meeting-2/ (2:46 P.M. JST)
...I'm very thankful to American people, to -- to you, your team, Congress, bipartisan support. And I'm happy that between our teams there are strong relations.  There's Jake and Andriy, and Mr. Blinken and our -- our Foreign Minister.  All of you -- a big team that really help us.  Thank you....
Remarks by President Biden and President Volodymyr Zelensk* of Ukraine Before Bilateral Meeting
bilateral-meeting/ (also 2:46 P.M. JST)
... Well, you know, I -- some of my staff was saying that we're supposed to be leading, but it was -- seemed to be following you when I was in Kyiv and those sirens went off that there was an air raid --...
Readout of President Biden's Meeting with President Volodymyr Zelensk* of Ukraine
wc: 185
Memorandum on Delegation of Authority Under Section 506(a)(1) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, Title 42 Memorial EO Watch!
...I hereby delegate to the Secretary of State the authority under section 506(a)(1) of the FAA to direct the drawdown of up to $375 million in defense articles and services of the Department of Defense, and military education and training, to provide assistance to Ukraine and to make the determinations required under such section to direct such a drawdown. You are authorized and directed to publish this memorandum in the Federal Register.
tabloid USAToday | SNAP users adapt to buying less and trading down [sic] after extra pandemic boost ends, 21 May Inflation Reduction Act
DICTION CORNER Substitution Effect
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Biden says he expects China relations thaw 'very shortly'

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ibid."Biden's administration has also infuriated China by targeting trade in advanced microchips, citing risks of military use."

reuters | Micron says China ban unfair but won't hurt revenue, 5 July 2018

The firm's estimate that the ban imposed by a Chinese court in a patent infringement lawsuit would weaken quarterly revenue by just 1 percent drove its shares as much as 3.6 percent higher and lifted stocks of other U.S. chipmakers.
vox | Biden's hugely consequential high-tech export ban on China, explained, 5 Nov 2022
japantimes | China hits Micron with review of chips, citing security risks, 3 Apr 2023
"Micron's revenue share from China is less than half that of Korean rival SK Hynix Inc."

India Chooses Arm's Neoverse for National Chip Design Push, 18 May 2003

If everything goes to plan, India's Aum Arm CPU will be a strong entry into the supercomputing field. Crucially, it'll be a homegrown one - even if not dramatically so, at least in its first iterations. Much work was clearly put into advancing the memory subsystem as a whole, and in general, memory is easier and more available to source than the TSMC 5 nm chips Aum will be made of. Customizing the CPU core itself could be C-DAC's next step, preparing the way for India and adding momentum to the "chip nationalization" process in other countries. China too has had an interest in Arm, by the way; but that is an entirely different story.
Beijing bans Chinese companies from using Micron chips in critical infrastructure, 21 May 2023
Per Reuters, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said Sunday it found that the company's products pose "significant security risks" to critical Chinese information infrastructure, including state-owned banks and telecom operators.
Idaho-based Micron is the largest memory manufacturer in the US. The Chinese market accounts for about 10 percent of the firm's annual revenue, though the majority of companies importing Micron products into China are manufacturers making devices for sale in other parts of the world. According to The Wall Street Journal, the CAC's ban does not apply to non-Chinese firms in China.
archived TSMC, CAC, SK Hynix
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threat to Micron DRAM sales in China, possibly reputational damage, cyber security, and detention (or "unlawful arrest")  of US American coporate officers. Don't say "restrictive measures". Don't say Huawei.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning's Regular Press Conference on May 22, 2023

Reuters: The Chinese cyberspace regulator said that US memory chipmaker Micron Technology has failed its network security review and China would ban operators of key infrastructure from buying from the company. We would like to ask which key infrastructure in particular will be impacted by this ban on Micron....
KBS: I have two questions. First, after the Cyberspace Administration of China restricted the purchasing of products by US semiconductor maker Micron Technology, will it also look into companies of other countries, for example, the ROK, for cyber security risks? Second, earlier the US asked ROK businesses not to fill the Chinese market by selling semiconductors as an alternative of Micron products. What's the Chinese government's position on this? ...
Bloomberg: The US Department of Commerce released a statement* saying that the actions against Micron along with recent raids and targeting of other US firms are inconsistent with China's assertions that it is opening its market and committed to transparent regulatory framework. Does the foreign ministry have any comment?
Mao Ning: I just stated China's position on Micron....
* "a spokesperson from the US Commerce Department said in a statement on Sunday" (20.05.23); no press release published
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LMAO interference in free trade ... brouhaha ... 😂 🤣
Relations 🇨🇳- 🇯🇵- 🇹🇼- 🇺🇸

Dutch saying .... "koekje van eigen deeg"

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