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threat to Micron DRAM sales in China, possibly reputational damage, cyber security, and detention (or "unlawful arrest")  of US American coporate officers. Don't say "restrictive measures". Don't say Huawei.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning's Regular Press Conference on May 22, 2023

Reuters: The Chinese cyberspace regulator said that US memory chipmaker Micron Technology has failed its network security review and China would ban operators of key infrastructure from buying from the company. We would like to ask which key infrastructure in particular will be impacted by this ban on Micron....
KBS: I have two questions. First, after the Cyberspace Administration of China restricted the purchasing of products by US semiconductor maker Micron Technology, will it also look into companies of other countries, for example, the ROK, for cyber security risks? Second, earlier the US asked ROK businesses not to fill the Chinese market by selling semiconductors as an alternative of Micron products. What's the Chinese government's position on this? ...
Bloomberg: The US Department of Commerce released a statement* saying that the actions against Micron along with recent raids and targeting of other US firms are inconsistent with China's assertions that it is opening its market and committed to transparent regulatory framework. Does the foreign ministry have any comment?
Mao Ning: I just stated China's position on Micron....
* "a spokesperson from the US Commerce Department said in a statement on Sunday" (20.05.23); no press release published
by Cat on Mon May 22nd, 2023 at 02:33:27 PM EST
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