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Or else the fighter jets are quite useless in the proxy war of America v. Russia.

Battle Networks and the Future Force | CSIS |

It is the root cause of many interoperability limitations present in the force today, such as the inability of the U.S. Air Force's two fifth-generation fighters (the F-22 and F-35) to communicate directly with one another.

To address some interoperability issues, DoD is using workarounds, such as U-2s equipped with a communications payload that connects F-22s and F-35s with each other and with units on the ground. Similarly, the Battlefield Airborne Communication Node (BACN) can be flown on platforms such as the RQ-4 and E-11A to act as a communications gateway to connect aircraft and users on the ground using various tactical data links, such as Link 16 and the Situational Awareness Data Link (SADL).

Global Engagement: A Vision for the 21st Century Air Force | 2000 |

Don't be surprised as the Ukrainian F-16s take to the air, the supporting network of NATO AWACSand RQ-4 Global Hawk drones are taken out.

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