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Heroes for a Day | Spiegel - Sept. 15, 2011 |

Fu*cking bloodhound. French philosopher shows up ahead of regime change ... the EU version of John McCain ... neocon warmonger.

European leaders are rarely celebrated as heroes, but this is precisely how Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron were treated in Tripoli. As a reward for their military deployment against Moammar Gadhafi, the president and prime minister received a warm reception. The French appear to have gained the most in Libya.

All the streets in front of the hotel have been closed. Standing next to the rebels with their Kalashnikovs are security forces who ask in French for proof of access authorization and check each passer-by with small metal detectors. Despite the high security, many viewed the brief visit by Cameron and Sarkozy as a welcome diversion.

'Merci Sarkozy' and 'Thank You Britain'

For a little less than 12 hours, everything wrong in the world appeared to have been briefly forgotten -- the banking crisis, the market crash, sinking popularity in opinion polls. Cameron and Sarkozy clearly revelled in their one-day appearance as world leaders, basking in the glow of their popularity far away from their homes and the thankless routine of daily political life. Graffiti has been sprayed on walls across Tripoli with slogans like "Merci Sarkozy" and "Thank You Britain".

Onward to Syria we go ... CIA coordination HQ Benghazi of weapons transport into Syria through Northern border with Turkey. Sunni Arab states and Qatar funded airlift of weapons and thousands of jihadist fighters. The back country of Mali, across the vast Sahara desert will soon see Tuareg mercenaries return with more advanced weapons and vehicles to fight for an independent state Azawad. The start of African refugees start pouring into Europe as a free for all in human trafficking has opened borders.

North Africa, Sahel and Maghreb - Chaos after Western (Military) Intervention | Jun 27, 2015 |

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