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NEVER forget that in 2021 Baerbock bragged at the atlantic council about her German NZI granpa fighting in 1945.
"And my own grandfather fought like in the winter of [1945] at this river, at this border. [Oder-Neisse Line] And I was there standing in 2004 on this bridge."

Annalena Baerbock on a 'transatlantic green deal' and German strategies in facing Russia and China | Atlantic Council - May 6, 2021 |

FAREED ZAKARIA: Would it be fair to say what you're describing is a kind of a Green Party and your leadership that would, I think, be reassuring to most Americans, in the sense that it seems to affirm the Atlantic alliance, affirm NATO. You know, affirm the importance of thinking about human rights. And so I'm wondering, this is--this moment happened before when Joschka Fischer became foreign minister. And people who had worried that--in that case, I think he was a little older than you--so had in the 1980s thrown a couple of Molotov cocktails in anti-American demonstrations. That he turned out to be actually a very pro-NATO, pro--even pro-US foreign minister. Would you say that this is a model you look at favorably, that of Joschka Fischer in government?

ANNALENA BAERBOCK: Well, he's part of my party. And actually, when he was foreign minister, just at this moment I joined the party. This was in 2004, actually, like a really emotional moment for me because it was the first of May in 2004 when Europe did its enlargement to the east. So European countries joined the EU, especially from the east, and I come from a region around Berlin. It's called Brandenburg. It was eastern Germany. And it has a direct border over the Oder River to Poland. And my own grandfather fought like in the winter of [1945] at this river, at this border.

And I was there standing in 2004 on this bridge, which obviously was rebuilt between Poland and Germany, when Joschka Fischer as foreign minister, together with his colleague from the Polish side, was celebrating again the reunification of Europe.

And this was really the moment when I thought, wow, we are standing of the shoulders not only on Joschka Fischer, but also of our grandparents, who made it possible that countries who were enemies are again not only in peace but in friendship together. And this is what the ground where I'm standing on, fighting for a Europe which lives in friendship, in a common integrated market. And for this, we need institutions like the EU, like a strong transatlantic relation, because this wouldn't have been possible, our reunification, without support from the US. So it's, yeah, building on our history. But this is really important for me. Otherwise, it won't make sense to become a chancellor.

History is nothing which just flows like a river. It's always a moment where people have to take the courage to build the future actively. So it doesn't make sense to say I just follow up what Joschka Fischer did fifteen years ago. I take the best from the past to bring it in the future.

And coming back to your question also with the NATO, for example, I think the most important thing is to put out a new strategic agenda. What is the role of the NATO in the year of 2021 and not in 2004? And we have, unluckily, faced Ukraine situation. We have seen that what we believed back in 2004, that there is never again war in Europe, is not true. And therefore, we have to redefine our strategic goals within NATO, within the EU, and coming up with the new challenges ahead, also fulfill it with resources, for example with military expenditures.

But--this is also important for 2021--the threats are not only cyber, it's the climate crisis. It's COVID. It's pandemics worldwide. So for me it's so important that it's not building a new wall around Europe or transatlantic region, but really seeing that we work together in a world of institution of strong human rights, but being aware that we have other countries like China, like Russia who are also in a new strategic fight with us.

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No information given about her parents.

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bloomberg | Germany to Seal Tank Repair Hub Deal With Poland in Coming Days, 13 June
Talks should wrap up "in the coming days," before the July 11-12 NATO summit in Vilnius, Thomas Bagger, Germany's ambassador to Poland, told Bloomberg in Warsaw on Tuesday. The hub will be used to supply badly needed spare parts for the German-made [UKRAINIAN] equipment, he said.
12 June It doesn't matter where it's made.
After months of pressuring North Atlantic Treaty Organization [OTAN] allies to deliver hardware, Ukraine is sending them into the battlefield as part of a much-anticipated counteroffensive against Russian forces to retake territory. Equipment, including Leopard tanks and US Bradley Fighting Vehicles, have shown up in images from the front line. At least four of Ukraine's Leopard 2 tanks and 16 of its Bradley fighting vehicles have been destroyed, damaged or abandoned so far, according to Oryxspioenkop.com, an online group that catalogues confirmed equipment losses on both sides.
defense.gov | Sabrina Singh Holds a Press Briefing (13.06.23)
Also today, the Department announced the results of its Foreign Military Sales Tiger Team effort. The Tiger Team analyzed all phases of the FMS process, including -- which illuminated best practices for the Department to benchmark and identify systemic challenges in DOD's FMS < wipes tears > ecosystems.

The team incorporated feedback from allies and partner nations and U.S. industry on ways to improve the efficiency of the FMS process. The team's recommendations cover six key FMS areas, to include improving the Department's understanding of ally and partner requirements, providing our allies and partner nations with the most relevant priority capabilities, and accelerating acquisition and contracting support for FMS.

2 June Foreign Military Sales Case Development
TARA: Thanks. A couple on Ukraine. First, can you say anything about Russia reporting that as many as 16 different types of armored vehicles the U.S. provided has -- have been destroyed in these early rounds of the counter-offensive? And then secondly on the dam, what can you say now about the attack on the dam and whether it was indeed Russia? And what can you share about what you know?
SINGH: Sure. Thanks, Tara, for the question. So on the report that 16 vehicles were destroyed, I've seen the reports but I can't corroborate some of the video and imagery coming out of that. So we're going to continue to monitor that but I just wouldn't be able to confirm the reports that the—at least what we're seeing from Russians of putting out those imagery.
Chancellor Olaf Scholz confirmed Monday in Paris that long-struggling talks on the hub were nearly at an end -- and that Germany, which has delivered Leopards, air defense systems such as [US] Patriots and [IT] Iris-T and [DE] Gepard anti-aircraft guns, will soon be in a position to help repair them close to the battlefield.
Service hubs have also been set up in Slovakia and Romania.
archive The cost of doing business, substantially transformed
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rollcall | Risch blocks Hungary arms package purchase over Sweden's stalled NATO bid, 15 June
"I decided that the sale of new U.S. military equipment to Hungary will be on hold. Hungary should take the actions necessary to allow Sweden into the alliance, and soon."
Congress hasn't yet received formal notification of the Hungarian arms sale, leaving it unclear what's in the package. But news reports said it was worth $735 million [HUF 250.4B] and included the Lockheed Martin-manufactured HIMARS rocket system. Demand for the high-mobility artillery rocket system has gone up sharply since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in early 2022.
firstpost | Russia repels Ukrainian drone attack on Druzhba oil pipeline, 17 June Bryansk, RU
archived Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia
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WTF ... What Are NATO's Values

Sweden is a ... strong capable defense partner that shares NATO's values ...

Fighting wars with integrity, impartiality, loyalty, accountability, and professionalism.

Former Soviet bloc nations qualified by sending armed forces to America's illegal wars and operations outside international law.

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