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scmp | China gives green light to nuclear reactor that burns thorium
The reactor, a two-megawatt liquid-fuelled thorium molten salt reactor (MSR), is located in the Gobi Desert city of Wuwei in Gansu province and is operated by the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The permit, issued by the National Nuclear Safety Administration on June 7, allows the Shanghai Institute to operate the reactor for 10 years and it will start by testing operations.
The Shanghai Institute has also launched a follow-up project - a small-scale modular thorium molten salt reactor research facility - at the same desert site to advance the technology and address technical challenges, according to information on the institute's website.
A test report should be submitted to the National Nuclear Safety Administration within two months of completing all the experiments specified in the testing plan, according to the permit.
China reportedly plans to sell small thorium reactors to other countries as part of the Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing's global infrastructure plan.

archived Bill Gates' next generation, tokamak, 2014

GT | Xi meets Bill Gates in Beijing, hopes for enduring friendship between the peoples of China, US

Xi praised Gates and his foundation for their long-term commitment to facilitating global poverty reduction, health, development as well as philanthropy around the world. China is willing to work with him and his foundation to continue strengthening cooperation in relevant fields, and provide support and help to other developing countries, he said.
Gates said during his meeting with Xi that China is speeding up innovative development, which is beneficial to China, developing countries, and the world. He also said that his foundation will further strengthen cooperation with China in areas including innovation, world poverty alleviation, public health, pharmaceutical R&D, rural and agricultural sectors.
Experts said that the reception of US business executives by Chinese leaders and officials presents a stark contrast to the hostile approach adopted by some US politicians toward China. It also underscores the unpopularity and futility of Washington's "decoupling" or "de-risking" attempts.
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