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ukranews | Water in Dnieper entered its natural riverbad in Kherson region
In the Kherson Region, the water level in the Dnieper has returned to its natural riverbad after the Russians [?] blew up the Kakhovka HEPP. Now the level fluctuations correspond to the natural fluctuations of this time of year. This is reported by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SESU).
Two settlements (two houses) on the ["]right bank["] of the Dnieper and 17 settlements in the temporarily occupied territory ["left bank"] of the Kherson Region remain flooded.

Work on pumping out water is ongoing. Over the past day, 72,000 tons of water were pumped out of 56 basements. Since the beginning of the works, more than 373,008 tons of water have been pumped out of 923 houses and basements.

What dam? Which bank?
As Ukrainian News Agency [ukranews] earlier reported [translator disabled], two weeks after the incident, the water level in the Kakhovka Reservoir Dnieper River dropped below the level at which water can be taken from it. Later, specialists of Ukrhydroenergo [19.06.23] assumed that the ["natural"] water level in the reservoir Dnieper could drop to 7 meters.
After the destruction of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant's dam by the Russian occupiers...
We previously reported that it may take at least 6 years to dismantle the destroyed dam of the Kakhovka HEPP and build a new structure.
Zelensk* for legalizing medical cannabis in Ukraine
He said this during a speech in the Verkhovna Rada, RBC-Ukraine reports. According to Zelensk*, all the world's best physical and mental rehabilitation practices should be applied in Ukraine.

"All the best world practices, all the most effective practices, all decisions, no matter how difficult or unusual they may seem for us, must be applied in Ukraine so that Ukrainians, all our citizens, do not have to endure the pain, stress, and trauma of war," the President said. Zelensk* supported not only the legalization of medical cannabis, but its controlled production in Ukraine.

"In particular, we must finally honestly legalize cannabis-based medicines, relevant scientific research and controlled Ukrainian production for all who need it," Zelensk* said.

Zelensk*: Ukraine's potential can ensure $1T GDP
President Volodymyr Zelensky stated this during a speech in the Verkhovna Rada on Constitution Day, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

"The specific goal for Ukraine's GDP is a trillion [US?] dollars [UAH 36,834,420,427,700]. Yes, a trillion dollars is a very, very high bar, and it seems to be unrealistic. But Ukraine's potential can provide it," the head of state said.

"Ukraine will abandon the idea that Ukrainian labor should be cheap. The cheap labor of our people was supposed to be a competitive advantage of Ukraine. We aim to achieve a level of wages that could be determined by the formula: neighbors in the European Union plus 30 percent. After the victory, Ukraine will rely primarily on skilled labor and therefore on education," Zelensk* said.
As reported, First Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Economy Yulia Svyrydenko said at Ukraine Recovery Conference in London that Ukraine aims to increase its gross domestic product (GDP) to USD 1 trillion in ten years.

PM: Ukraine needs new economic model for GDP to reach $1T in 10 years, 30 June
IMF structural adjustment programming
"Ukraine needs a new economic model. Without this, it will be impossible to achieve the set and very ambitious goal - Ukraine's GDP should total $1 trillion in 10 years," [PM Denys] Shmyhal said at the Cabinet's meeting, Ukrinform reports.

According to him, the Ministry of Economy will play the main role in the fulfillment of this goal and therefore will present a clear and comprehensive strategy for the new economy of Ukraine. Private capital and entrepreneurs will take the lead in this economic model.

In turn, the Head of Government added, the role of the state in the economy will be drastically reduced. Privatization will continue and corporate governance reform will be completed, radical deregulation will be carried out, and all business services will be digitized.
Pre-war taxes will return from August. Rada voted to abolish the single tax of 2% for businesses (30.06.23)
... The adoption of the bill is one of the conditions of the program with the IMF. wrote about it in detail earlier. ["Business is waiting for a double increase in the single tax - they paid 2% of turnover, it will be 5%."] ...
"As we said, the focus should not be just on the GDP figure. New jobs and new businesses are the indicators by which the work will be evaluated. One of the key elements of the economic philosophy is the principle that Ukraine bets on recycling. Not the export of raw materials, but the export of finished products. Inclusion of Ukraine in European and global production chains," Shmyhal noted.
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