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agriculture.canada.ca | Drought conditions as of April 30, 2023 "grey zones"

Are the Canadian Fires Under Control? There Are Over 400 Fires Burning, 7 June surprise!

Public Security Minister François Bonnardel spoke at a news conference on June 4 to discuss the fires, as reported by CBC. Bonnardel said, "We took charge of 35 fires today, compared to 21 yesterday. We chose specific fires to protect our critical infrastructures, but above all to protect our population. All our resources are concentrated on these fires."

The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre reports that as of June 6, 414 total fires are burning, with at least 239 considered "out of control." Despite the active fight against the flames, firefighters can only attack 20-30 at a time. According to PBS, Canada currently has at least 480 wilderness firefighters on the ground, but they have been seeking international help to battle the elements.
On Twitter, French President Emmanuel Macron announced he is sending 100 firefighters to help aid Canada. PBS reports that the United States is also sending firefighters, and Quebec is negotiating with Costa Rica, Portugal, and Chile for additional firefighters.

As of June 7, the Associated Press reports that Northwestern Quebec continues to evacuate residents due to wildfires as firefighters first target blazes in more remote communities. An estimated 10,000 have already been evacuated.

[AP] notes there are more than 150 fires in Quebec alone, with at least 110 considered "out of control." The mayor of Lebel-sur-Quévillon, Guy Lafrenière, explains, "The fire started in an area where there were no trees, which slowed it down considerably."

thehill | Arizona seeks to avert groundwater disaster , 6 June
Climate change and drought are a constant background presence when it comes to Western water politics. Arizona recently agreed to shoulder the bulk of cuts to water allocations for states in the Colorado River's Lower Basin that depend on that source for their water.

Policies surrounding groundwater in Arizona are a separate issue from that dispute. Unlike the river water, Porter said, "Out here in Arizona, groundwater is considered a non-renewable water supply." ... Specifically, the department determined the Hassayampa sub-basin groundwater supply west of Phoenix had some is 4.4 million acre-feet of unmet less than demand.
If the agency's decision isn't enough to address the groundwater shortfall, state officials have numerous other options to attempt to preserve groundwater, according to Katherine Jacobs, director of the Center for Climate Adaptation Science and Solutions at the University of Arizona. For example, she said, they can explore options like bringing in water from western Arizona, bargaining with Native American tribes for water rights or treating municipal wastewater.

archived basin states reach agreement, aquifier data visualization
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telesur | Canada Records 10 New Wildfires, 9 June UPDATE
Wildfires have so far ravaged some 45,000 square kilometers of land in Canada.

Ten new wildfires were reported in Canada on Friday, bringing the total number of wildfires in the country so far this year to 2,405, the Canadian Interagency Wildfire Center reported.
In Alberta, unsettled weather brought new starts. Hot, dry, and windy weather swept across the north, and extreme fires are expected. In Ontario, two large fires in the far north received some limited suppression and ignition action. More existing and new lightning fires are expected, the center said.

Wildfires have spread in the western Canadian province of British Columbia. About 2,500 people were ordered Thursday to evacuate [displace] the community of Tumbler Ridge in northeastern British Columbia. Authorities also extended evacuation [deportation] orders for the Donnie Creek fire, the second-largest fire on record in the province. Some rain is expected over Quebec and neighboring Ontario this weekend, but it may not be too helpful, according to Environment Canada meteorologist Gerald Cheng.

Poor air quality is expected to persist in cities such as Ottawa, Toronto, New York and Washington [?!] until Sunday, when the wind direction shifts
anywhere but Bal'more, please.
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plattsville | Soil carbon credits: Opportunities and challenges ahead, 13 June buy sheet
Corporate interest in reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions has grown substantially in the past decade. With more than one-third of the world's largest publicly traded companies now committed to net-zero goals, according to the Net Zero Tracker, carbon credit offsets have been touted as a way for the private sector to reach its decarbonization targets.

One nature-based offset, soil carbon credit, has begun to gain traction particularly in the US and Australia, yet several challenges impede the take-off of such projects globally.


The intersection of voluntary carbon markets and agriculture has become increasingly important in the face of global climate change.

The agriculture industry contributes significantly to GHG emissions, yet there are numerous opportunities for the implementation of agricultural practices that reduce, avoid, or remove emissions from the sector.....

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sputnik | India Set to Inaugurate $2.6 Billion Hydropower Project in Northeast, 12 June "ecocide" watch
a [2 GW] $2.6 billion hydropower project in its northeastern states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh ...launched in 2003, the project took over 20 years to be built by the state-run National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) after facing protests from environmental groups over concerns of ecological damage to local surroundings.
Trial runs on the Subansiri Lower project as it is called by state authorities are set to commence in July before the scheduled commissioning of its first unit in December 2023. However, the entire project comprising eight units will only become functional at the end of next year.
In February, the cabinet headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the 2.9-gigawatt Dibang project on the Dibang River in Arunachal Pradesh. As per government estimates, this hydropower project would take nine years to be completed.
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scmp | China gives green light to nuclear reactor that burns thorium
The reactor, a two-megawatt liquid-fuelled thorium molten salt reactor (MSR), is located in the Gobi Desert city of Wuwei in Gansu province and is operated by the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The permit, issued by the National Nuclear Safety Administration on June 7, allows the Shanghai Institute to operate the reactor for 10 years and it will start by testing operations.
The Shanghai Institute has also launched a follow-up project - a small-scale modular thorium molten salt reactor research facility - at the same desert site to advance the technology and address technical challenges, according to information on the institute's website.
A test report should be submitted to the National Nuclear Safety Administration within two months of completing all the experiments specified in the testing plan, according to the permit.
China reportedly plans to sell small thorium reactors to other countries as part of the Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing's global infrastructure plan.

archived Bill Gates' next generation, tokamak, 2014

GT | Xi meets Bill Gates in Beijing, hopes for enduring friendship between the peoples of China, US

Xi praised Gates and his foundation for their long-term commitment to facilitating global poverty reduction, health, development as well as philanthropy around the world. China is willing to work with him and his foundation to continue strengthening cooperation in relevant fields, and provide support and help to other developing countries, he said.
Gates said during his meeting with Xi that China is speeding up innovative development, which is beneficial to China, developing countries, and the world. He also said that his foundation will further strengthen cooperation with China in areas including innovation, world poverty alleviation, public health, pharmaceutical R&D, rural and agricultural sectors.
Experts said that the reception of US business executives by Chinese leaders and officials presents a stark contrast to the hostile approach adopted by some US politicians toward China. It also underscores the unpopularity and futility of Washington's "decoupling" or "de-risking" attempts.
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Worthwhile session ... life with German carmaker Mercedes-Benz ...

College Tour Twan Huys interviews CEO van Mercedes-Benz Ola Kaellenius at Technical University in Delft

Close business relationship with the Chinese ... extremely successful selling 750,000 cars each year, represents about a third of total production ... more than the American and European markt combined ⁉️

Wtf is Annalena Baerbock and the hype on human rights in Xinjiang ... a MIC war narrative pushed by compliant western MSM. Spy balloons and fair trade practice ...

'Sapere aude'

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Proposed Minnesota nickel mine begins environmental review, would supply Tesla if approved, 21 June
Inflation Reduction Act critical mineral subsidy UPDATE!
Talon Metals Corp. filed papers with Minnesota regulators Wednesday to launch the environmental review process for its proposed underground nickel mine near the northern town of Tamarack, which would supply nickel to Tesla for electric car batteries.

The Department of Energy has already given the project a $114 million grant to build an ore processing plant in North Dakota, part of the Biden administration's efforts to boost domestic production of nickel, lithium, and other metals needed for electric vehicles and the FIGHT against climate change.

That funding contrasts with the administration's efforts to kill another proposed mining project in northern Minnesota, the Twin Metals copper-nickel mine near Ely, which is just upstream from the pristine Boundary Waters Canoe Area wilderness. And the federal government earlier this month raised a new obstacle to the separate NewRange Copper Nickel mine near Babbitt when the [US] Army Corps of Engineers revoked a crucial water quality permit.

< wipes tears >
The Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy said in a statement that the U.S. would be better off boosting recycling to secure its nickel and other metal supplies.
"green metallurgy"
"We are being asked to trust in mining practices that have not been proven safe elsewhere," the [Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe] tribal government says on its website, "and we are not willing to risk our lands, people or culture as part of a safety experiment for corporate gain."
Talon Metals is a joint venture with the Anglo-Australian company Rio Tinto, the world's second-largest metals and mining corporation, which has long been criticized by environmental and indigenous groups around the world. Talon has an agreement with Tesla to supply 75,000 metric tons (165 million pounds) of nickel concentrate and smaller quantities of cobalt and iron from the mine over six years once it goes into commercial production.
The review process historically takes several years, at least. The [Minnesota] DNR [Dept. of Natural Resources] launched a website on Wednesday outlining what Talon will face. But Talon is hoping the mine's design [strategy] will speed things up enough so that it can begin production for Tesla in 2027.
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