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auswaertiges-amt.de | Statement by Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock prior to her departure for Brazil, Colombia, and Panama, 4 June
The ocean giants that squeeze through the narrow passage that is the Panama Canal remind us what else Latin America is: a potential titan in the global economy. Secure supply chains, green energies, reduced dependency on raw materials - since the start of the Russian war of aggression, we are rapidly reorganising our global links. We want a dense and sustainable network, also across the Atlantic. The free trade agreement with the MERCOSUR states would be a major step forwards here. If we shape it in a sustainable way and ensure effective protection for the rainforest, it will provide the incentives and rules our regions need to become pioneers in the green, socially just transition.

Latin America has long since found its way to our labour market. Brazilian carers [?] and Colombian electricians are already being met with open arms in Germany. We want to develop this partnership further. As the Federal Government, we have undertaken to completely revise our immigration policy, because our economy urgently needs more skilled workers. This is one of the issues I will be canvassing [?] for in Brazil along with my cabinet colleague, Labour Minister Hubertus Heil.

zeit | Pretty complicated friends, 7 June machine translation
Annalena Baerbock calls Brazil friend, partner and key country. But the Foreign Minister's visit shows that the relationship is difficult—also because of UKRAINE.
Baerbock exudes a lack of down-and-out attitude in the old western way. The calendar is as full as it is small. Many appointments are lined up, no one really has red carpet potential. It has been rolled out at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brasília, but Baerbock makes a statement in front of a different entrance. Not including her Brazilian counterpart, whom Baerbock doesn't meet during her visit. Instead, the deputy foreign minister, the environment minister, the vice president and Lula's foreign policy adviser Celso Amorim. There is no joint press conference with anyone. The protocol, it is said, prevents a joint German-Brazilian appearance. Talking and negotiating is usually better in the back rooms lined with colorless carpets, and Baerbock has the chance to repeat her arguments in many conversations. The tedious diplomacy of small steps. But three days with the "friend, partner and key country," as the foreign minister puts it, without a real joint appearance, that's how it is.
And so the many small appointments made by the German Foreign Minister on this trip are combined into a complicated mosaic. In her speech in the small lecture hall in São Paulo, which was not completely full, Baerbock resorted to a not at all complicated sports metaphor. Football has a lot to do with democracy, says Baerbock. And you can only play together if everyone follows the rules. And a red card means a red card.
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